Ugh what a mess

Such a mess, stuck between two worlds and I'm very worried I'm a sissy. Im extremely blue collar and own a construction business and this is about the worst thing that could happen with my Irish Catholic background. Have a girlfriend that I absolutely adore but she wants nothing to do with any of my fantasies, can't believe I was able to talk her into staying. However I've recently been seeing another girl that's been completely taken over. I've completely crumbled and crave to be humiliated, degraded, and exposed. She's been pushing me into going further and further and becoming more feminine, but it's at the point it will be noticeable. Idk if I can tell her no, I want to be her bitch completely and be submissive for her boyfriend's, but I think the rest of my life couldn't exist it's one or the other. Logic tells me not to throw away a career and a good woman to have a better sex life. Idk almost ashamed for her to even still think of me as her man after these last few months. Completely stuck

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  • You are indeed in a Catch 22 situation. If you are asking for opinions, and you obviously are, then mine is that you tell the girl with the boyfriend goodbye, because she will take everything and share it with her real Boyfriend and leave you when the business and the money are gone.
    I think that you should also part with your present Girlfriend as she will not give you what you want, and it is not fair to ask her to stay in a relationship where, ultimately, you will be so unhappy, you leave her.
    Find someone who will accept your cross-dressing and need to humiliate yourself, but loves you for what you are. Right now you are between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Either you will get hurt or you will hurt someone else.

  • I secretly wear my wife's sexy lingerie and have crossed the line. I sucked a man's cock and swallowed his cum. So embarrassing to admit

  • If you are truly a business owner, then you must be familiar with making difficult decisions based soley on facts and the impact on the bottom line. Please don't be a fool and surrendering everything you have achieved in life. If you want to be Femme then keep a supply of silky lingerie in a very safe, private & secure place at your office and change into ladies lingerie at work. I have been wearing ladies lingerie since I was 10 so I understand the attraction, butt DON'T let it destroy your life. Make a smart business decision now so that 20 years from now you won't be living alone, broke, and full of regrets.

  • Yeah that's where any kinda logical reasoning gets me as well. Cant bring these two polarizing identities together though.

  • She’s going to turn you into a sissy cuck and take the business from you.

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