Watching my wife go at it

I've only been involved in partner sharing once in the past, and it was absolutely the hottest thing I could ever imagine, and all three of us completely enjoyed it!

I would love to have a little extra fun with my wife, who very much loves the idea when we have sex and it makes her cum so hard, but has no desire to do it in real life. Completely frustrating for me, to the point of me wanting to have a side gf to have fun times like this with.

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  • Is there a certain guy that she is totallly hot for? See if you can get her to give you a name of a guy that she would do anything for. If you can get this guy to show up someplace you two will be drinking and you really want this to happen see how it goes. Leave them alone and see where it goes. Try not to make it obvious you set it up.
    Chances are she may do it without you there at first. You just need to reassure her your extremely excited about them two hitting it off. Take her dancing at her favorite places. Tell her to ask guys to dance while your not dancing with her.
    Her pussy may be wet from excitement the ride home

  • Why won't your wife do it? What's her excuse

  • Your situation is very common. I've been with my wife for 14 years and the one on one action is getting pretty old. I've talked to her about maybe spicing things up with someone else, said I'd even let her pick, but she shoots that idea down whenever it comes up. The odd thing is that she fantasizes about it some times.

  • Same here, wife loves to hear it when we are at it but in reality would never let it happen. killing me. Not sure why, but I really want to watch her with one or two guys.

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