Can we raise the bar here?

I'm a long-time reader of the site for years, and have enjoyed many of the sexy posts and confessions. But lately it's all about shit like "Let's fuck kids," "How I fucked the dog," "How I licked a tampon from the trash," or "I just banged my meth head grandma."

Let's get posters who are not pedos or total trash to contribute something adult, yet sexy and appropriate and age legal, to this site. The rest of you degenerates can go to Hell.

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  • You're absolutely right ! When you read posts from even a year ago, they're far better than the barrage of incest, bestiality, and pedophilia stuff you see on here now. Kids, or, somebody trying to crash the site with bullshit overload.

  • YEP, younger generation is pretty fucked up.

  • Yeah I don't know what the fuck is going on lately.
    But I swear, I'm sick to death of the person who'll talk about their dog brandy and how the have a fluffy Matt on the floor etc. Then they'll proceed to have a conversation with themselves in the comment section. Just fuck off to another site where you can repeat your bullshit story.

  • My husband introduced me to this site (and confessionpost) and I got hooked. It's been really bad this year. Even my friends who used to read and occasionally post stopped visiting because of the bad writing and content. They initially thought it was cool when I told them about it.

  • In total agreement, but, you might as well be looking for cherries in a Matamoros whorehouse. Oh, and you didn't even mention the incestuous deviants so I hope you aren't down with that.

  • I honestly think it's a bunch for teenagers who think it's funny to write stupid shit. Of course if the webmaster of this site would actually review the post instead of just saying they are going to, maybe half of this stupid shit would get weeded out instead of getting posted.

  • Yeah, it seems like lately, people are just trying to one-up each other on who can write the most disgusting, depraved stories. No true erotica here anymore.

  • Word.

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