Learned from Mom

Growing up my mom found out that I had my first girlfriend and kept ribbing me about it. It was embarrassing. She asked me if I had kissed her yet, and I said yes, but I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I asked mom if I could practice on her and she could give me feedback on my technique.

We were home alone and she said "sure" and we locked lips, then probed tongues. We were making out hot and heavy and she showed no signs of wanting to stop, and I sure as hell didn't either. It was summer and she was wearing cotton running shorts. I got a little bold and reached down and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She discretely moved my hand up to her clit as I kept rubbing through the fabric.

After a couple of minutes she exhaled a moan while we were kissing and said "You do that well." I said, "Kissing?" She said "No. That other thing you were doing." We never had another make-out session.

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  • I wouldn't have let it be just a one time thing, there would need to be some fondling at the very least. I think it should have evolved into some serious fucking.

  • I taught my mother she was old fashion until we went on a road trip she was 58 37 I was now 3yrs on she my fucktoy and love it

  • Your mum is a PRICK TEASER

  • I learnt about sex from my mum and it really is the best sex education you can have. She taught about the biology side of things and we had sex many times. There's no better way to learn and it gives you confidence in bed for the future.

  • Totally agree. how old were you? mine started probably too young for most people on here, but i dont care i loved it

  • Hi, i was 14 when i my home sex education began, which i think was the right age. How old were you? I loved too and like i said there is no better wat to learn.

  • Fuck it. i was seven and it was so hot to feel her kiss down my neck, to my chest, then say "im gonna show you why ive been known as a blowjob goddess since high school" then disappear under the covers to kiss down my stomach and finally to see her bob up and down on my dick faster and faster til i explode

  • It was in the single digits, i'm still a little eh on saying the number.

  • It's too bad it was only that one time for you. I had a similar experience with my mom, but it went much further. It was summer and we were both in shorts and t-shirts. We made out passionately, I fondled her breasts, and fingered her pussy until she had an orgasm. We went to my bedroom and were naked in seconds. I got on top of my mom, who was already dripping wet, and guided my cock to her pussy and pushed in all the way in a mighty thrust. It was incredible, I was fucking my hot mom. Her pussy was tight, and my mom was moaning shortly after my cock was inside her. I played with her great tits as I pounded her hard and fast. We both came together as I shot stream after stream of my sperm deep in her pussy.

  • I learned from my mom but I’m a woman. My mom’s husband, my step dad, thought it would be a good idea for my mom to teach me how to be a good lover. My mom brought me into their bedroom lots of times and taught me how to give oral sex and how to ride.

  • How old were you? Younger the better!

  • That is very sexy. I would like to share my experience with you also. Write me at: gsummers at tutanota dot com

  • Wait wait wait you got to go back from the beginning and Thomas about the very first time that ever happened that sounds like an amazing story

  • But why doe

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