Want to put wife to the test

My wife is 45 and still very attractive with a very curvy tight body. I’m 54 still in good shape who’s bee told I could easily pass for 48. It turns me on to see and watch my wife when we go out being flirted with by all types of men. She plays it off but I sometimes catch her playing the eye game with guys at bars. When we dated she told me she had a thing for black guys and that alone was a turn on for me.
The last past two years even though I exercise and workout regularly I am noticing I can no longer get my cock Rock hard as I once used to. The only thing that seems to really work is me role playing which includes dirty talk about her and some young hung lover. She really gets into it and even goes into detail about some of the guys she works with . At first I thought it was just to make me happy and I’ve even got her to tell me how the guys at work have asked her out saying she would really enjoy it. She goes into detail telling me how much she misses a thick long hard cock fucking her deep and long like she used to get in College.
Then one day out of the blue she starts buying new outfits. Really started taking care of herself even more than usual. She would tell me not tonight sweetie I’m exhausted. One night turned into one week, then a week turned into a month. There was a time she would only suck me off and it was caused I told her I couldn’t hold back anymore. I’m seriously at the point where I know some guy or guys are fucking her. She’s Hispanic and loves well dressed tall white guys and sexy black guys. One day she tells me she’s going to meet her friend for a quick drink and I’m like sure have fun. She was out till around 2 in the morning and that’s when I definitely knew something was happening. I couldn’t start accusing her of something that I had no proof of. I’m at the point it turns me on knowing the “other” guy is getting some very tight gorgeous pussy and she’s getting some black cock horse meat she told me she always wanted. I decided to ask her why if she was doing something like this why she wouldn’t share it with me. This went on for months until one day she gets home late and I’m in bed and she immediately tries to jump in the shower.
I tell her we have to talk or I’m walking.
I tell her i understand her sexual needs and that if she was seeing someone on the side i needed to know. This is when she confessed to fucking and sucking off several guys she knows. Some were even strangers. She brought me telling her to go and get her some hot young stud and she eventually did. She had even been sucking off a few guys at lunch in their cars or driving to their apartment across from her job place. I was ready to leave her I was so pissed. I was aroused at the same time. She didn’t know how to tell me she was enjoying they guys like I wanted. So she started to touch me and I started to kiss her breast and that when I smelt liquor on them. I was immediately Rock hard and I started to hump her when i noticed she was so wet and moist I knew she had just gotten fucked.
This is now my lifestyle and we are still together


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  • There's this seldom used park near our house. At night no one ever goes there but us. It has has huge old school swings - the kind with the thick hard rubber seat. My babe wife likes to swing naked at night- I push her higher and higher. She has crazy like organisms like this -- then as she stops she raps her legs around the chains and is hanging upside down with her lower back on the seat.
    "Fuck me baby" and I do -- boy do I ever.
    Something to share.

  • I would so want to lick her clit while she is having sex with some stud

  • This is the only way I share my wife , with young guys who only desire to have sex with her and nothing more. They don’t get attached, they just know it’s an easy lay and they’ll be able to do so much more with my wife sexually than younger women will allow. My wife’s really been broken in, her body feels so much different sexually. Her vagina is very wide and her lips do not close anymore, you can see into her vagina when she opens her legs. My penis doesn’t even touch all the sides of her vagina walls, she’s so loose and open. Her butt hole isn’t tight anymore, she doesn’t even feel any discomfort with anal at all and it’s basically the only to get any friction with her body for sex as her vagina is too opened.

  • Hey, Cucky boy, strap a board on your ass so you don't fall into that public hole ! Or, fuck one side of her cunt so the other side gets jealous and closes in !

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