Hotwife for husband

I normally don't do things like this but my husband keeps after me to do it.. He asked me 4 months ago to have sex with some other man. He keeps asking me almost every night about having sex with his bestfriend and to let him watch. To be honest I am scared that if I have sex with his bestfriend that I won't stop. I think he is very handsome and what my husband doesn't know is I have looked at his manhood area many times. I have even masturbated in the bath while thinking about him. So I know this is very dangerous ground we are treading on. If I have sex with him and I like it, I may not be able to stop even if my husband only wants it one time. I fear I may start having an affair and it would destroy our marriage. The bad part is he's already asked his bestfriend and he's all for it. As a way to persuade me, his bestfriend has been making sexual comments lately about how attractive I am and how he has a big dick. Now I can't help but wonder just how big he is. I asked him to show it to me the other day and jokingly said I didn't believe he was big. It didn't work, he told me he didn't play show and tell, that I had to have sex with him to find out how big he is. I'm losing the willpower to say no, how do I hold out?


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  • The only weird part from your end is he'll be watching -- creepy.
    But you like the guy and have a hall pass. Tell hubby your in at a hotel room and he's not there. Make it 4 starts with dinner. Get whined and dined first.
    Mine with a few drinks said I should screw his handsome young buddy who going through a rough divorce. The guy was hitting on me (behind his back) anyway. He didn't say he had to set it up so I did. LOL - That was 2 years ago. Lucky me, hubby works night.

  • OP here. Just in case anyone wanted an update. I did fuck his bestfriend last night. Alone I might add..and it was my husband's idea. He kept asking me and finally he said he wanted me to do it alone because I would be more comfortable that way. He told me to pick a day and just do it. Only stipulation was I had to give him the details that night. So a couple days ago after work my husband decided to go golfing with some of his work colleagues. Nothing unusual, he regularly goes golfing with them after work. I decided to call his bestfriend and ask if he was home. He invited me over and we went to the bedroom where we had crazy sex. I can tell you he wasn't lying about his manhood. He is a lot bigger than my husband. Probably the biggest I have ever slept with. He gave me oral sex and drove me crazy for a good half hour. Then he proceeded to have sex with me in a not so nice way. It was truly the best sex I have ever had. Sometimes us ladies just want to be handled ruff and he did just that. When i got home my husband was already home. He asked me where i had been and i told him. I told him to was too sore to have sex. He said that was ok, and masturbated while I told him what happened. I didn't get close to finishing before he did.

  • My shared wife encounter same situation the head of his cock mushroom shaped. And she finally took it all the way . His cum was very deep inside her the guy was my boss he had her very sore and raw

  • I guess you will be going back for more ? Next time do it in your bed and let hubby listen from another room, that way you wouldn't need to explain every thing to hubby.

  • Don’t hold out

  • You want to find out how big his cock is fuck him

  • Question is, do you want to hold out ? You admitted you want the guy and you find him sexy and are always looking at his crotch. Your husband doesn't have a clue as to what he is risking, he thinks he is going to have some fun then everything is back to normal . I'm guessing you are right, you will love screwing this guy and will want more, lots more. My advise is to spell it out for hubby and if he still want you to screw this guy, then go for it.

  • Do it with the friend

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