He's My Cousin So What

I was going thru some difficult times in getting a relationship going for me. I'm a BBW and couldn't get into a relationship with guys. All they wanted was a one time deal from me until I gave in to my cousin's sexual cravings. He stopped by to see my brother who was enlisted in the service but told him he headed back to the base. The clothes I was wearing was kind of tight fitting showing how big a BBW I am. I happened to be bra less when my cousin showed up. I gave him a beer and chatted with him for awhile. I became a bit horny that day and couldn't wait for my cousin to leave to use my sex toys and look at porn on the internet.
I kept bending over picking up things on my floor and putting some of it away in my junk room. When I stepped back into the living room, he had his dick out and playing with it. I didn't know what to do or say. I just stood there and admired his dick. Then he said to me, "You turned me on when you was bending over! " He explained that seeing my tits dangling under my top and my wide ass up in the air and the beer he drank turned him on." I said to him, "I'm going to turn you on even more! " I removed my top and went down to give him a blow job. While I was busy sucking him off and rubbing his dick across my jugs, he tells me that there's nothing wrong being a fat BBW. He asked me to remove my bottoms so he can squeeze my ass cheeks and rub his dick on them.
I was completely nude and on all fours and begged him to me doggy style. He slipped his dick into my kitty and his big mushroom head dick felt so good in there. I started screaming out in pleasure and my screams turned him on so much that he pulled out of me and stood in front of me and shot his load into my face.
We began living together. We told our family members that it was to save on money. It really was so we can screw often and show and do sexual things to one another. I think of him as my hubby and tell strangers that he is. I also place hubby greeting cards under his pillow and let our friends join in with us now and then,

1 month ago

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