Yoga. Pants

Just had to share this.
My best friend and myself were laying around her apartment one day about a week ago. Being bored, for some reason we started masterbating. At first just ourselves then each other. My friend is a 100% lesbian, I'm not, in fact this was the first time another girl as ever touched my body, let alone my pussy or tits. She broke out her dildo collection and we just went wild on each other.
Well truthfully I have never cummed that hard in my life before. I'm not saying I'm going to turn lesbian, however I'm sure leaning towards Bi.
Well after we were done we got dressed, well because of our hard sex session my pussy lips were swollen. So joking around I pulled my thong up tight so it split my pussy lips even wider then pulled my yoga pants up tight. This gave me one hell of a cameltoe. To make it even funnier a took one of her biggest dildos stuck it in my pants. Best of both worlds, pussy and a cock. My friend saw it and laughed so heard she tinkled a little. She got up and dressed the same way. We made sure to wear short tops that really showed off our cleavage.
Then we headed out to the mall. Talk about a fun time, people looked and stared, pointed and laughed, and a few strange looking guys even hit on us. All in all it was a great time.
We went back to her apartment afterwards, where I ended up spending the night. Wow what night it was too.

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  • BFF or, best friends fucking is a bad idea. It's also hard to believe you two had never twiddled twats before.

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