I've been dating a divorced lady with three children, a girl 12 yrs old, a boy 8 yrs old, a another girl 3 yrs old.
I'm starting to having a lot of strong feeling for this lady. The only issue I'm struggling with, is that she is still breastfeeding all three of her childern. I find this a bit strange. They are not shy about it either, they just sit down beside her and reach in her top, pull out a,boob and start nursing, no matter when or were we are at.
Should I just over look this? Should I tell her I'm uncomfortable with it? Looking for advice.

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  • If your interested in this lady then you say nothing. Your the new comer and obviously this is and has been the family dynamic that they want to do.

  • No, you need to dump that crazy bitch. It's not natural, and anyone who says it is, just wants to make a political statement. Tell her to get lost.

  • Nothing wrong with that, as long as she gives you some fresh milk too.

  • I wouldn't worry about it too much. I breastfed all four of my children until they were between the ages of 10 & 13. They all turned out just fine.
    I should mention that my husband nursed off me too quite often, you could say we kind of milked each other. Lol.
    I do know one thing for sure my children had very few childhood illnesses, compared to children who weren't breastfed.

  • Would love to hear more about it

  • Did you give it a try? Mmmm good

  • No doubt it's unusual. Don't get involved with her.

  • I wouldn't worry about it.

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