I lick public female toilets

Im a cleaner at a shopping mall so get plenty of opportunity. After close up, I put my cleaning sign up outside the toilets and get to work. First, I shut the door to the first cubicle and lick the lid all up and down, then I lift the lid and lick underneath.

If there is anything in the toilet bowl, I put my finger in to pick it off and then dine on the delicious morsals. I work my way through each cubicle and I love my job so much. I imagine all the dirty pussies and asses that have left goodies for me to enjoy.

When I go home at night, I kiss my wife. She has no idea

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  • Only after

  • I'm guessing the urinal mints you eat from the men's cover your atrocious breath.

  • I'd like to kiss your wife's arse with my hands and her pussy with my dick you sad weasel.

  • Seriously, though. There are fewer live bacteria on a toilet than if you actually lick a womans pussy and ass. Keep on licking, dude. Keep them toilets clean.

  • I do not think that extends to eating contents out of the toilet bowl.

  • That does not sound healthy at all.

  • Stop posting, please.

  • Stop posting what? Put your head down toilet and press the flush button you freak

  • Why freak

  • What a load of bull shit you sick idiot .get a life

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