Boring looking people

I hate boring looking people. people men and women in boring non descript clothes, with glasses that are old and not any style. who wear beige and brown and gray clothes all the time. They are all so dumpy and just gave up. Would it be so hard to find some clothes with color and maybe lose little weight? my god, how good does junk food taste to these people? look at their guts! have more pride!

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  • Know what I hate? People who are assholes and think they know other people just from one glance.

    That guy in those non style clothes that you think is boring and old. Yeah he stormed the beach at Normandy and kept the Germans from taking over the world. He doesn't sleep at night because the nightmares of holding his buddies in his arms as they took their last breath from being shot in the chest. You should be thanking him for his services instead of criticizing him.

    That woman who's out of shape, yeah she just lost her entire family. Husband, 7 year old daughter, and 3 year old sons to a drunk driver and she's just trying to figure out how to get out of bed every day. You should be giving her compassion instead of pushing her toward suicide.

    You are a mean hateful person and I hope you never feel the pain some people go through. There is a reason they say one should walk a mile in someone's shoes before criticizing them.

  • Seriously, dude. Do you really have nothing else in life to worry about? If I ever start giving a fuck about peoples clothing or grooming styles, I pray to God that someone will shoot me in the head.

  • I suggest you try priding things with real value, like kindness, and acceptance.

  • Some people don't want to be noticed, to stand out, and their reasons are as different as people are. They might not have any sense of style, but then again, maybe drab IS their style. It could be that, in private, they dress in black leather, tie-die yoga pants, or multicolored plastic wrap, but that would be none of your fucking business.

  • Those are my favourite people. They aren’t so caught up in the bullshit of outward appearances. They live life rather than displaying their vacuous attempts at appearing like they living.

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