Camping treat

Last summer I decided to go camping, I enjoy it and haven’t in a long time. I go to a State park not far from home, find a nice campsite that is cind of secluded. I pitched my tent, put my chair out by the fire pit. I went fishing and caught and released several nice fish enjoying the day.
Not long after returning to my camp site a guy walked over and started talking about the fishing, he stood a log on end and sat down. When he sat down I noticed that I could see his dick hanging down in his shorts. He started talking about one of the hiking trails and as he talked to me I couldn’t help but keep looking at his dick. He told me about some of the things I could see on the trails and told me if I would follow him he would show me one of the sights. He said it wasn’t far and wouldn’t take long to get there, so not having anything else to do I agreed to go with him.
We didn’t have to walk far down the trail when he led off into the trees with me following. He told me if I came up quietly beside him I could see it. To my surprise when I got beside him he pulled his dick out, saying that since I kept looking at it up his shorts maybe I wanted a better look.
I reached out and started stroking him. His dick was probably 9 inches long and very thick, with a big head. I got on my knees wanting to see how much of it I could get in my mouth. I licked his cock from his balls to his head and sucked it into my mouth. My mouth was filled with his thickness as I took it deeper. He held my head and told me to relax as he started sliding it into my throat making me gag. He said that always happens at first but he will get me over my gag reflex. To my shock and amazement he shoved it in my throat, then pulled back to let me breathe. In and out he slid his dick in my throat getting deeper each thrust.
He was sliding his entire dick down my throat burying my nose in his crotch. I could feel it growing as it felt like it got longer as it got thicker. He pulled out and had me suck his balls. His aroma, and the experience was great. He guided his dick back to my mouth and told me to get ready he was close to cumming.
I eagerly sucked his dick when it wasn’t down my throat, sucking on his thick dick head wanting him to cum in my mouth. I tasted his pre cum as he shoved his dick down my throat, I felt his first stream of cum pass through his dick as he shot it down my throat. He pulled all but his head out of my mouth, and shot stream after stream of cum in my mouth, with me swallowing it as fast as I could so none would leak out.
I started taking him down my throat again after he stopped cumming not wanting to stop. He finally pulled out of my mouth and put it back in his shorts. He asked if he could come back later to do it again, I agreed and told him I would like feel it in my ass if he wanted to fuck it, but if he didn’t that would be ok I would take his cum anytime he wanted to pump it in me.
He fucked my ass twice, and I sucked his dick six times that weekend. I gave him my phone number and we have camped several times together since then. With me enjoying every drop of cum he would pump inside my body. He even introduced me to other campers that have enjoyed my services, sometimes several at once.

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  • That is megan and hairy monster. a hook up who hooks up with other hook ups. probably all f****** each other. god i hate doria so much though. she is so ugly and what a disgusting betrayal of the royal family of uk to do to their own native persons in uk hey! all they want to do is love the niggs. I see harry living abroad in years to come and nothing would make me laugh more then to see all this current royal family get debunked and kicked out for a new one. I wonder if the mogals of the world could pull that off. who would it go to the kent lot if the queen abdocated for crimes against humanity or sins she committed? cuz they deserve to go. I just do not take to those 2 guys william and harry anymore and charles, well diana said his mother said he was useless. so maybe its time they all went for the kents. love to see that just for the media frenzy. and to see them all kicked up the batoozi as well. someone too boo-bomb them and let me watch them fall like domino for some fun. seeing they ruined my life and others. pay day has to come back !

  • Have you gone camping anymore?

  • Yes, but I haven’t been fortunate enough to be able to enjoy myself like this.

  • It does sound fun. I may have to try it. I suspect if I buy a pair of panties and show the panties lines I may find someone who may see and get the drift.

  • Life can be interesting. Did you think about sex with a guy before that moment?

  • I often think about sucking dicks, and play with my dildo’s, imagining that they are hard cocks in my ass. I always keep my eyes open for chances to suck cock, and always keep my options open for more action. I never know where I will get to enjoy my next juicy cock.

  • Variation of bullshit camping story. Just like the warehouse stories and I need rent money stories

  • Damn, I would like to go camping with you and suck cock all day, too.

  • Maybe we can meet up at a campsite one day. When this happens to me I try not to have an orgasm so that I have the driving desire to take cock every chance I can get it.

  • Come on Buddy this is just a load of bull shit

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