I support workplace bullying

I want to know directly from the workplace bullies why exactly you do that and how it make you feel, and also what's the best reaction that you love to cause and if you like the fact that it also affect the life of the humiliated person outside of the workplace

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  • I was bullied by a boss I had at my first job. He caught me peeking in the womens changeroom and said if I didn't give him a blowjob be would call the cops

  • Go get a good labor lawyer.

  • Hey ball licker, did you ever find your nads? Or are you still sucking on your mommas tit? Lol

  • I don't care about what you think you shit

  • Oh but you do care you little pansy ass. I bet you take it up your pooper. Question, does your mommy fuck you in the ass with her strap on? Or does your daddy just fuck you in the ass?

  • In any case you are a bully as it is showed by what you write , so i appreciate and respect that

  • I don't care about what you think you shit.

  • I'm sorry you get butthurt so easily, actually no I'm not. How about you fucking grow a set and stop being such a pussy. You know why kids get bullied in school? Because it teaches them to stand up and be a fucking man instead of a little fucking bitch who cries at every little thing. This bullshit where schools are going to this zero tolerance on bullying is just making fucking wimps out of kids. No wonder colleges are putting in "cry rooms" and "safe spaces", we've raised a bunch of fucking pussies. God forbid we ever have a war like WWII again, we'll all be speaking fucking German.
    So if you are getting bullied, it's your own fault. Grow a set of fucking balls and stand up for yourself, you fucking pussy!

  • In any case i get mad as more as i fucking want

  • Spoken like a true fucking pussy. I bet even your momma has more balls than you, shit I bet you grandma got more balls than you. Fuck, a 2 year old little girl got more balls than you. PUSSY ASS MOTHAFUCKA. That's what you are. Lmfao, you best just go get a vagina installed between your legs cause you ain't got no balls.

  • No you handicapped shit , i don't care about the shit you write

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  • Also i don't care if you are hot or not , if you don't agree with me then fuck you

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  • I don't care about what you think or what you want

  • And no , the classic "bullying is meant to make weak people stronger" is just an excuse , a boring excuse that only work with stupid and manipulable people, and i am really offended by the fact that you talk to me like i could care about what you say , that's really make me mad you retarded shit , don't you dare to think that the bullshit you consider right actually meant something, your bulshittery about bullying really are boring and terribly stupid, we can openly speak our minds but you still insist with that idiotic excuse that none is so stupid to believe at this point , bullying happen because we love to see people humiliated and more and more weak as the time flow , infact what we achieve with the bullied people are people that are a total failure in life , actually bullying is meant to turn people in to pussies , and to make those who are already pussies even weaker so we can have our fun you fucking idiot

  • And since you seem to not like my posts now i am going to post this in the other confession posts

  • Come on you retarded shit don't be mad

  • Also why you say that i am angry ? i am not angry , i said that i like bullying, but aside of this, i don't care about what you think , not at all you retarded shit , not to mention that you are the angry one here

  • I said that i like bullying, but if you insist in be so rude then fuck you

  • Belittling people is a huge turn on for me. I get off on seeing people humiliated and demeaned, and what better place to do it than work where Im also being paid for it?

    Most people would consider me one of those asshole managers for no reason, but nothing could be further from the truth. The look of disappointment in the eyes of my workers when I tell them they wont get a raise or promotion is what I live for. Seeing their hopes and dreams vanish is amazing, and destroying their sense of self worth is so beautiful it almost brings a tear to my eyes.

    If and when i get a chance, I especially love to belittle male employees in front of their wife and children. I actually masturbate afterwards

  • You sound like my husband’s boss. Belittles my husband while I serve him. Then gives my husband the promotion he deserves after he fucks me in the most fantastic forceful way

  • Very interesting

  • You could make them lick your feet and tell them that maybe after that they could get a bit of a better pay ;) , and that worship you is their real reward ,it would fit you so well

  • I really like your attitude and one of your workers should be your foot worshiper ;) , please contact me in private on my email , you are exactly the person i was looking for

  • And of course after you manage to make them kiss their feet let me know , even better , since you are quite the person that i was looking for , contact me on my email so we can keep talking about it without be noticed by anyone , contact me at cheseccatura@outlook.it , with you i finally found someone that i can freely speak about my fantasies with , and maybe also someone that can realize them for me :D

  • Very exciting , that's exactly the type of feedback that i craved to receive , good, see if you can make them kiss your feet , maybe not in front of everyone of course , but at this point it would be the candy in the cake and also the perfect realization of the stereotype of the boss lady that dominate her workers and also get worshiped , fortunately i know that in some workplaces it already happen ;)

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