This Place in a Busted Nutshell

Lo, the trans man rubbed a mutilated glans, used to be a dick, now it's a clit for a chick, as it sniffed the panties of the incontinent spinster, who is angry at the yoke of her latent virginity, eighty's too long without a tongue or a dong, the next phone call is just a date rape away, bullies run rampant behind ramparts of privacy, the dog needs sucking, the chicken needs fucking, kids on the playground attract the monsters among us, not much better than toilet seat fungus, dress your best for the shithouse gloryhole, kneel, suck, get you a mouthful, wrap yourself in yards of pink baby fleece, make a funky cake from collected dick cheese, the wankers wank, the dildos stank, some say we have the Devil to thank...but, it's us, all us ! Why drag a diety into the fuss ?

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