A nice woman I work with

I'm good friend with a nice woman I work with. I'm 23 (m) and she is 37 (w) married, no kids but a large poodle. the went on a cruise this year and the Dog went to a kennel for the time. I offered to look after their appartement and do their plants. OK the first 2-3 times I resisted the temptation but then I looked in the cabinets and drawers. We all they know each other very well and I have bin on vacation with them on their camping place and we have been in the sauna together after sports. beut now in the drawers beside the beds I found dildoes and sexbooks. I jerked off on the 2 dildoes. the I looked at the books. they have not been magazines with pictures. it haven been books with short stories. most of them were themed by incest or sex with animals. OK, incest might only be a fantasie but got, they owned a dog and he was a boy! I don't get the pictures out of my head. she is a real small girl even at her age. I always see her under the dog, when I meet her.

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  • For 2 years on the local highway cloverleaf entrance cement wall -- where you had to see it in direct line of sight:
    "(Girls real name, first and last) Li*** S****** blows her dog"
    Every night a local radio station would get song requests for her, from men and women . The station finally caught on and had DOT paint over it.

  • Another illiterate troll.

  • Yes you took a chance. It's very common for people to have cameras in their homes.

  • Nice sounds like my kind of girl

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