Been married to my wife for 8 years now. Needless to say we have become stagnant in our relationship. Not sure who's fault it is, hell it's probably both of us. None the less, it dawned on me one night at the bar when a woman I know was flirting with me and wanted to have sex, that my wife could very well be having sex with someone else at that very moment.

My wife and I don't normally do much together, but a nice vacation is what I had in mind. The next day I asked her if she wanted to go to Jamaica. She was excited at first, but then it quickly faded, for she wanted to know why. I told her it would help rekindle our marriage, but she refused. She started telling me every excuse in the book for why she couldn't go. Then she said I should go and take a friend. I got made and said maybe I'll take the woman from the bar who wanted to fuck lastnight. She simply said to have fun. That's when I asked her who she was fucking. She became very upset saying it was all in my head. The fight escalated to the point where she was throwing things at me, but I just kept accusing her of screwing around. I was shocked when she finally blurted out that she was fucking a guy from work. I ended up leaving and staying at my sister's house that night.

The next day I went back to the house. She tried to apologize, saying it meant nothing and she was upset with me for....wait for it... "not showing her any love"... FYI guys, this is a classic go to line for women when they get caught cheating. It's never their fault and they were driven to cheat by your lack of love. The other classic line is.. "It just happened, he took advantage of me"

Anyway, back to the story. So I told her I wasn't going to forgive her, eventhough she kept trying to kiss up to me. I finally asked her if she liked fucking the other guy, because she sure hadn't been given me any. She tried to say no, but I persisted, saying she wouldn't have gone back had she not liked it. She finally agreed she had liked it, and that's when it came to me. I told her I would take her back on 2 conditions.
1. She was to never ever cheat on me again. Especially with the guy from work.
2. She has to fuck the guy from work in front of me while I watch.
At first she agreed to 1, but not 2. Then she agreed to 2 if I could explain why. I told her she fucked him, and I wanted to watch. We argued about it for many days afterwards, until finally she agreed to fuck him.

She setup the date and he came over. I was nice enough to him, but didn't treat him like my friend. I could tell my wife was nervous. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She and him sat on the couch while I sat in the chair. They had small talk, then my wife asked if we could postpone. I said no, and they continued talking. The more we all talked, the more comfortable he became. He eventually started rubbing my wife's tits through her shirt. Then he leaned in and kissed her. She sat there like a teenage girl on her first date. Then he ran his hand under her shirt. He lifted off her shirt and threw it to the side. He started rubbing her tits again and shortly after, unhooked her bra slipping it off, tossing it aside. He started sucking on her tits while she closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan. A few minutes later he had her pants and panties off and was fingering her pussy while he sucked her tits. Her moans where more prominent now and I could see that she wanted to fuck. Her hips were moving and she was now kissing him. She had obviously forgotten I was there, or just didn't care. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs, he quickly stripped and got between them. His dick was about the same size as mine, and he was rock hard. He rubbed the precum on her pussy lips as a thin string of it reached from his dick to her pussy when he pulled away. He repositioned and with little effort, plunged his dick deep inside her coming to rest with his balls against her ass. He started fucking her hard and fast. She was grabbing his ass and pulling him into her. She was enjoying herself more than I had ever seen her with me. She rocked her legs in unison with his movements as if she was excepting every inch he gave her. Her moans of pleasure were nothing I had ever heard. She clearly wanted him and she wanted all of him.

They fucked like that for 20 minutes straight until they both slowed to a crawl. They were both sweaty and their hair was wet. They kissed passionately as he held her head in his hand. He then pulled out and she got on her hands and knees. He got behind her and plunged his dick back inside her. She dropped her head and I could tell she was ready for more. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her for all he was worth. She buried her head in the pillow to muffle the screams of pleasure. Not long after he turned sideways so he could get every inch deep inside her. He is as big as I am, so I know in that position he was bottoming out in her pussy. That's when she squirted all over him and the couch making a big mess. The sight of her squirting must have been too much for him, because right after, he grabbed her ass hard, plunged his dick in as far as he could, and held there moaning himself. She meanwhile pushed back on him with her hands as she screamed ooooh, ouuuuuch. They had finally finished and collapsed on the couch.

It was totally obvious that she would not stop fucking him and that she truly did enjoy what she and him were doing. I quietly got up and left the house while they still lay on the wet couch. I made my way back to my sisters house where I explained that out marriage was over. The same night I called my lady friend from the bar and asked her if she wanted to go to Jamaica. She accepted.

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