Staging a rape for wifey

Would any women out there like it if their husband planned a night at home, no kids, just some drinks but.... the surprise is your drinks have been getting drugged and there’s a handful of men waiting outside for a txt from your hubby that says, it’s time.
As soon as your husband can tell the drugs are just starting to take effect the txt is sent and there’s a knock at the door. You answer and your husband is “supposedly” forced to watch you get gang raped

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  • Want her full of cum so I can clean her up when the 6 to 10 have fucked more guys if I can talk her into more

  • Kinda the same desire , my wish was to give my wife a birthday party with 6 to 10 guys she would pick and have a long birthday party watch while the 6 to 10 guys fuck her

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