Taboo of all taboos

I’d like to date a woman who eventually confesses to the desire of sharing an underage girl with me or would at like to role play and fantasize about the idea.



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  • My taboo is..I only date women who look like and have the same attributes as my hot older sister. Long, brown or reddish-brown hair, very long, polished nails (an absolute must), firm body and great tits (also a must), similar face and mannerisms. The few I've had meet her haven't noticed, but one did and played it up when we'd have sex. Would tell me "Call me D..I'm HER! I'm HER!", do her nails longer and polished, copy her mannerisms like extending her th's "thh-anks", very tongue heavy and sexy. She was very into role playing as my hot older sister.

  • Too bad you don't want another guy. I would be all about it!

  • Great news, I've made him leave I told him if says or does anything I will have him arrested finally I can get the man I love

  • Awesome that your plan worked!
    You got what you gotta anted that’s all you can ask for.
    So I know you dont have any reason to break up with me but you mentioned your daughter wants a grown man🤷‍♂️
    Anything on the table? Send her my way

  • I asked you a question first why don't you answer that first?

  • OK if I let my daughter stay with you, how long was you planning this for?

  • Just 2, 3 days. I would take great care of her. Promise

  • My wife works a 3 day overnight shift taking care of an elderly woman. That’s really my only window. If you’d both like to come out that would be amazing but you could always just send your sweetheart to me, only if that’s what she wants. and I would be very good to her.

  • I never actually put myself out there like this and it REALLY scares me but I guess you only live once so let me know if you and your daughter are interested.

  • I’m not sure I understand why you won’t send me your FB info but now you are willing to send me your daughter? Please understand that’s kind of a red flag for me

  • I didn't say I would yet! I asked you a question and have many more??
    How old are you how long have you been married?

  • I’m almost willing to give you my FB i
    info as a gesture of good faith.

  • Are you somewhat interested???

  • What country do live in?

  • What country are you in?

  • I’m in California US. I’ve been married for 9 years together for 13.
    I have a 7 year old son.
    I’m actually a very normal guy aside from my secret infatuation that is deemed socially unacceptable

  • Oh and I’m 37

  • This causes a big problem because I live in the UK so now what?

  • I figured you did. We don’t often say “knickers” here in California 😀
    I dunno?
    I’m actually starting to believe you’re genuine but maybe it just isn’t meant to be? I suppose you could always put her in a plane and I could pick her up🤷‍♂️
    Would like it if you flew out too????

  • My name is Justin btw.
    And yours is???

  • My best friend who recently passed away at just 47 years old due to cancer was from Brixton. I used to have to translate for him say at the grocery store even though he was speaking proper english😂 His accent was so thick though nobody here could understand him!
    Anyways. Would love to meet you both but yes, I agree the distance poses a rather large problem

  • I won't deny, that california sounds very nice and and so do you, we are from Wolverhampton.

    But be honest what do you want from this situation, I know you want sex with both of us, but I feel that there is more to this, more that you want??

  • I’m not sure I understand? I’m not looking for a serious relationship so what do mean by saying that there is more that I want?

  • Well, it probably wasn’t going to happen anyways but it was sure a nice fantasy

  • What other questions do you have?
    Believe me, I’m as scared as you are...

  • Did he realize that was your daughter and kept going anyways? What did your daughter have to say about the whole thing?

  • He said he thought it was me, and pleaded with me' but it's over now! As long as he leaves us all alone, he won't go to prison.

    My daughter said she really really liked it, and wants to do it again, she says she wants a grown man boyfriend, I bet you'd love that lol

  • You willing to send her my way?

  • I’d like to hook up with you but you’re in love🤷‍♂️

  • Who would you prefer and be honest?

  • That’s too hard to answer because I have no idea what either of you look like🤷‍♂️
    Would you be an option???
    Remember that underage girls are more a fantasy of mine and sharing with another woman is ultimately my goal.

  • I didn’t think you were an option because you are in love with someone and committed.

  • I'm not an option I just wanted to know!

  • Hate to be a perv but kinda wanna see a picture of your daughter. Is that something you’d be willing to send me?

  • You as well....?

  • My daughter is 12 and I want her to have sex with my boyfriend, I want to finish with him! as I'm in love with someone else, but I don't want people to blame me for the split.

    My boyfriend is not bad at sex, but the other guy is mmmm.
    He will come back drunk later and I will tell my daughter who shares a room with her very little sister to get into my bed, I'm hoping to try and get things started

  • Peice of shit

  • Also, have you brought it up to your boyfriend and what did he say?

  • No I'm trying to trick him

  • What do you think your daughter will do?

  • I know she gets horny because her knickers are always ver damp or wet when she brings them down.
    I'm hoping she will let him she is going bedcin an hour

  • So this is gonna go down tonight!?
    Keep me posted please

  • I sent her bed 20 minutes ago, I did as I said I would.
    She came out 10 minutes ago saying he won't let her sleep he keeps hugging her and holding her belly.
    I told her "to not bother me again I don't just go to bed or no phone for a week she won't come back out now!

    I really hope this happens as I can't stand him!

  • So I’m confused. Is it a turn on for you to have your daughter fucked or is it just a ploy to break up with your boyfriend? I mean, that’s your daughter your sacrificing!

  • Well she seems to be enjoying the attention!
    I'm not here to be judged if you want to know I will tell you?
    And I'm a little bit turned on

  • I’m a little bit turned on also! I thought she said he was annoying her.
    I dare you to tell her to grab his stuff

  • And I’m obviously not judging. I’m the one that inquired about this...

  • I'm listening at the door, I can her moaning, and seems to be saying oh no oh no I don't think you should,
    Then she started moaning, ni 3 moaning, the cheeky bastard just said you've never tasted so good!!

  • Picture of your daughter? I’m pretty turned on at this point

  • I don't think you are the only one I can can hear him with him quite clear now, saying how much he loves it!! He has never said that about me!!! No picture I can discribe me I'm very hot!!

  • What’s your Facebook name?

  • Not a chance, I don't know who you are and no! No!

  • I totally understand ! Scares me too. I’m torn because I wanna meet like minded people but do t want to get arrested either!
    Like, where is there a club that isn’t for the rich and famous that pervs like us could meet!?
    And it’s not like something you can bring up to someone after dating for a while.
    Well, bummer.
    Now that your daughter has had sex I’d love to be your Mmmmm guy and share the both of you.
    I didn’t believe you were telling the truth at first but now I k ow you aren’t baiting me I to prison

  • I told you I'm in love with another guy, and my daughter is still having sex!! He sounds like he is enjoying it 10 x more with her than he ever did with me

  • What do you think the man you’re in love with would say about this?

  • What do you mean? I've got to split him up from his wife yet! But he is always touching me.
    If my plan works it won't matter

  • Are you going to tell the man you’re in love with what you’ve done?
    You sacrificed your 12 year old daughters virginity for fuck sakes!
    Are you going to tell him it turned you on? What if that makes him not want to be with you?

  • I don't like the way you are talking to me, as if I'm a bad person?
    I'm doing this for the pursuit of love, nothing could be more beautiful and pure!
    As for my daughter so called sacrifice she told me everything this morning and I'm the one who is hurt!!

  • I think he is having sex with her I can hear the head board going quite vigorously

  • Picture of your daughter and you? I’m pretty turned on at this point.

  • Mmmmmm
    Tell me more!
    What do you think your daughter would say and how would you bring it up to her?

  • I'm going to tell her to get in our bed as my youngest doesn't sleep well, once he's passed out, so she can get a good night's sleep.
    As she is going in to our room she never changes her knickers I will tell her to take them of and get straight to sleep, he always gets horny when he's been drinking a pulls me to him, he will think she is me and and try his luck, with only her nighty and no knickers on hopfully

  • Reported, ISP, route traces, and law enforcement.

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