Stupid husband

I'm married about ten years now. When i met my future wife she was a 10, a real knock out. People used to say, " what does she see in you ?" They of course were right, She was way out of my league , I was in denial about being with her. Now that I look back I know I was a fool. In the beginning our life was great, the sex was great and I was the happiest man on earth. We worked hard , got a house and had 3 children right away. Like so many other men with families I worked my ass off to provide for them . One day I managed to get off early, which was rare, and headed for home. As it would happen my neighbors were having a loud get together in their back yard so I had to park down the street and not in front of my house. As I walked up my driveway i noticed the loud sounds from next door I also caught something in my ground floor bedroom, the blinds were up just a bit so I could see in. I stood there in complete shock, there was my wife with another man in our bed. She was clearly having the time of her life, she was cumming and being very loud but the neighbors party masked her screams. She wouldn't let lover boy pull out as she wrapped her legs around his legs and gripped his ass. When ever I did her and she would cum, she would say she was finished so hurry up and get it over with. Not now, she wanted this guy in all the way and I could see why, he had the thickest cock I had ever seen. Now I know I'm not bad in the size dept. but I know I couldn't compete with a cock that thick. Try to get a picture of this in your head, there I am standing on my drive way with a look on my face like my guts had been kicked out. I didn't know what to do. I had to decide will I stay with my good looking whore wife or lose my children. The decision was easy, I decided I loved my children more than I hated my wife. In retrospect I should have broken in and beaten them both to death. That would mean jail and I would lose my kids. So like the stupid fool I am, you know the jerk who married the woman out of my league. I walked away . Later on I came home at regular time and asked my cheating wife how was her day. She came up with the usual crap she goes through in the course of her day. I remember the look on her face as she spoke, clearly she was full of shit and trying to hid it. Needless to say our life has not been a good one, we fight all the time , I suspect she has other lovers but I have never caught her. there are always clues, you know , dresses different, shops at odd hours , smells like a man when she gets home from work, that kind of thing. I must admit I have fooled around since that day, there is always a married woman who wants a little more than her husband is giving. I'm not proud of it but if gives me some peace of mind, and I still have my children who I love and who love me.


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  • Your children?

  • Yes, my children, you clown

  • Get yourself some different pussy and don't be afraid of using it in front of her.

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