What are friends for

15 years ago I got myself a job working in a restaurant, within a few months I become really friendly with two others working at the restaurant.
The two are girls 27 and 24 and I’m male 26, the two girls lived together house sharing, they said that a room is available at the end of the month and it would be great if I took it, I still lived with my mum, I decided to take the room.
It was great when we all worked the same shift, we had such a good laugh afterwards.
I got a call from my mum saying my Nan was unwell, I rushed to see her but it was to late, I called work the next day saying I want be at work today.
While staying in my bed I started hearing voices, I got up to try and understand what was being said, my friend who didn’t know I was in the house because of my Nan was talking to herself. I could hear, do you like that, what if I was to do this, can you smell me, you want me don’t you.
I went out into the hall way and listened at her door, you want to fuck me don’t you, you will have to do better than that if you want me.
I couldn’t believe it, I thought has she got a man, it continued, that’s it big boy you want to pleasure me don’t you, it went on and on.
Next thing I know is she opened her door and I’m right next to it, she screamed, what are you doing here thought you was at work, told her about my Nan while looking at her in stockings and suspenders long gloves and high heels, I said something you’re not telling me, she slammed the door.
Turns out she was living out a fantasy of her’s.

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  • So you were 11 when you started working there?

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