Stranger “Danger”

I think it started in the late eighties, early nineties. Going to house parties and raves. When I discovered ecstasy all nets were off. I remember at a friend’s house, being high, it was casual, a friend was rubbing my feet. He said he could see up my shorts so I spread my legs further, so he just put his mouth on my pussy. I was relaxing on a couch and a guy asked to sit, so I said sure but jet me put my head in your lap. I was sucking him in minutes. I just always end up fucking and sucking. I think I have an addiction.

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  • It sounds like you have several addictions.

  • Yeah I really liked E. I had full on sex with a guy in public because of it. I was already fooling around with my bf, he’d been fingering me and sucking my tots. He went to go dance and I stayed behind to finish my cigarette. I guess my skirt was still up and my pussy was to the world because a guy came up and started licking it and next thing I knew he was cumming in me balls deep and I was thanking him.

  • I need to know a girl like you

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