My Girl unleashed her bowls in front of me

I confess while I was just a teenager , that I had this huge crush on a girl , what did not occur to me was she also had a huge crush on me as well . One day I went to visit her grandma house and I found out she and her mom were visiting there as well , seeing as her grandma used to be my Babysitter. I was in one of the guest bedrooms and she came up to visit me . She introduced herself as V , I was C. We were very pleased to meet each other and than once we shook hands on our first meeting I kissed her , I mean I kissed her as we shook hands and we went Nose to Nose and lips to lips for no more than 4 seconds. She was shocked , so was I . Than she decided to punish me by taking me to the washroom. She took me by the hand and lead me to the washroom. She said if you don’t do this with me , I will never speak to you ever again and she went to the toilet and pull her pants down and told me to sit on her lap and look at her face to face , she said you are gonna watch me release my bowls and if you don’t , I will tell that you kissed me , and so we kissed , but she released her bowls in front of me and I was right in front of her and it was smelly , she wanted me to undress and touch her pussy , but I said no . She was offering me the chance to deflower her as she never did it before and neither have I done it before , it should have been Virginity vs Virginity sex , but I could not do it because the washroom smelled of her bowls . I ran away knowing that my crush was really in love with me .



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  • Yawn , I spoke the truth on this , but now I am asking the admin to delete this post for making me speak the truth on my first sexual encounter.

  • It's BOWELS you fucking turd fondler !

  • Since people are not afraid to speak the truth on this post , i may as well come clean , I was a 15 Virgin and she was a sexually active 6-7 little girl with a big pudgy nose and I’m not sure if she was a virgin or not . Thing was I had a secret crush on her and she had a secret crush on me . Our Nose to Nose kiss was real and it made her fantasy’s come true and she not only got naked , she got naked to make me get naked as well , my Hairy Penis vs her bald vagina and she wanted me to get it up for sex so I can make love to her . I found out it was her dad that made her sexually active and we never had sex in that house .

  • Gross dude

  • Not as gross as I was 15 years old and she was only 6-7 years old , she dared me to kiss her because she saw in my eyes that I wanted to kiss her , so I did and it was a 1 year love affair , if I did not she would have died of loneliness and I would have died of loneliness , it was at her grandma wedding that we danced for the first time and it was not on the dance floor that she seduced me , it was on a Chair with her on my lap , just us humping each other , Bald vs hairy humping , her on top of me .

  • Drop dead, ped !

  • Yawn , call me whatever you want , I was not a pedo , her dad was the pedo and he was the one that made her a pervert and she tried to make me a pervert by having sex with her, a pervert 6-7 year old girl vs a 15 year old virgin boy , just know that I had said no to sex with her , because I had no idea how to have sex with a little girl .

  • The last refuge of a true pedophile, make the kid the provocateur . Die slow, and painfully, in jail !

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