Virgin loophole question

Hi, my name is Melissa. I graduated from highschool in the spring and will be going to college in the fall. I have never had sex with any of my boyfriends. My virginity is something that I want to save for the one. In June I was out with some friends and I ran into one of my old boyfriends. We were talking and before long we were separated from everyone else. We were in the park so we made our way down a trail where we started kissing. He pushed his hand down my panties and was rubbing me. I got so caught up in the moment that I let him bend me over a fallen tree, but just before he entered me I stopped him. He was so upset that I was scared he would never talk to me again. I felt so bad for leading him on that I remembered my friend saying something about loophole in the virginity rule. She said if you only have sex in the butt, that it doesn't count and technically you are still a virgin. I calmed my old boyfriend down and let him penetrate me in the butt. I have to be honest, it hurt and I felt no real pleasure from letting him do it, but he was happy and I shouldn't have played with him, so it was my own fault. Now I'm sitting her wondering if the loophole is real. Does anyone know about this loophole and would I technically still be a virgin?


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  • Sure a loophole, you just take it up the ass. As time goes on you will see that men will say anything to get into your pants.

  • Sure it’s a loophole. Virginity is a ridiculous concept so any other ridiculous concept you need to justify your odd behaviour is ok.

  • I dated a Catholic school girl back in highschool. She would suck my cock and let me do her up the butt any time I wanted, but she wouldn't let me put it in her vagina. I used to eat her pussy and rub her clit till she orgasmed while I ass fucked her. Although technically she was still a virgin, I'm pretty sure that Sodomy is considered a sin, so I don't know what the point was.

  • Virgin loophole, that is a good one. You are still a virgin if that is all you did with him. He probably loves you even more now though knowing you will do anal so I would not bend over in front of him again. Try it with some lube next time you may find out you enjoy it.

  • Sex is what grown-ups do, sweetheart. So, grow the fuck up, and fuck, for fuck's sake !

  • Darling just keep getting fucked in the arse, don't let them in your cute little pussy but do start sucking cock, you will be one of the most favourite girls in town

  • She's talking about the poophole loophole. And yes, technically a girl loses your virginity when her hymen is broken. So until she has vaginal penetration, she's technically still a virgin. However, this also includes tampons. So if you have ever used a tampon, then technically you already lost your virginity. So the question is, do you want to be technical about what virginity is or no?

  • What?

  • It also works if you don't have any condoms handy. I regularly forget condoms when I visit my girlfriend. Then I do the sad little puppy dog look and say... I guess we can't have sex together...that's when she tells me to fuck her in the ass instead.

  • That is just so great anal is by far the best
    Lucky you, I would forget the condoms quite often.

  • Please dear , preserve your virginity, don’t lose it until marriage. Or you will become nothing but a pawn for all sex addict perverts who want nothing but to F*** you and prevent you from living your dreams of living a rich life , don’t make the same mistake I made in becoming a Yes Man/Person , say no to anyone who just uses you for sex , make sure they see you for who you really are , a real woman who wants a rich life , not a woman who gives in to demands for sex addiction . Become a No Person and make sure to get a boyfriend who wants you for you , a rich perfect woman who wants nothing but seer perfection in her life .

  • I saved myself for marriage, waited until l was 39. Unfortunately l married a con artist and controlling asshole and ended up divorced 5 years later.

    Now l just fuck whomever l want, but regret wasting all those years on a misplaced ideal that is total bullshit.

  • Yes darling virginity is only taken from penetration into you vagina, you did exactly the perfect thing, I hope you start loving getting it anally because a lot of boys will really like being dominant particularly if you get into the doggie position for them to mount and hump however please ensure your on birth control because if even the smallest amount of cum slides down your crack and enter's your nice little pussy you could end up pregnant.

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