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True confession. My husband can never find out. This happened about 24 years ago. I was dating a guy I was really madly in love with him. We went camping with my girlfriend and her husband. I was 23 at the time 5'4" 123 lbs. My girlfriend cathy was 27 and also 5'4" but was real skinny about 98 lbs. While I had a b cup she was an a cup. But we both had good figures and were getting a lot of attention from guys. She was married to a real skinny guy and my boyfriend was average proportional height and weight. So we were out tent camping and had a secluded site. We were doing the usual camping stuff having a few drinks the weather was getting warm so everyone put on their swim suits. Cathy and I were tanning while the guys were cutting wood for a fire. The clouds started rolling in out of nowhere. I ran to the tent and zipped up the Windows as did Cathy with her tent then we all headed to the van to wait out the rain. The guys were in the van having cocktails when it started to downpour. We smoked one and everyone was feeling good. Cathy's husband suggested the girls take off our tops. We both looked at each other and untied our bikini tops. Her husband took the opportunity to feel my Boobs and my boyfriend was tending to Cathy's. We all ended up laying down on the bed side by side and I looked over and could see my boyfriend had his hands inside Cathys bikini bottoms. I felt Al slide his hand in my bikini bottoms and he was fingering me. Everyone was turned on. My boyfriend was removing Cathy's bottoms and Al took mine off. I was turned on and jealous at the same time. I felt Al's hard on and he was starting to push it in me. My boyfriend was already inside my girlfriend and they were getting it on. So I let Al inside me. He was long and skinny unlike my boyfriend who was average length but thicker. I never had such a long one before. Al had wanted me for years and it wasn't long and he started jerking and came in me. My boyfriend was tending to Cathy and got her on her knees and was doing her from behind. We made eye contact as he started to cum in Cathy. We all took a break. Then my boyfriend starts doing me and Al doing Cathy. I had the best orgasm from my boyfriend then. That is the only time I've done this we all stayed friends for years. My boyfriend and I broke up years later I married a good man. He has know idea I swapped. A few times he has asked me to tell him about my previous lovers and I have told him everything except for this. Not sure if I should tell him. Honestly It was the best orgasm ever.

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  • Women have the best sex with the 2nd guy in. Sex experts write about it.
    And there's something about camping. My June Cleaver like wife and I were hiking a famous trail. At campsite we met up with 2 guys hiking the whole trail. They hadn't seen a women in 2 weeks, and they were faltering the heck out of her. We took turns washing up at a nearby stream, they were sneaking a peek and she was shower herself off. I was a little jealous, they're liking each other too much. We have some red wine with hotdogs fore supper, and more red wine. I knew she was going to sex with them so I told her she could. 40 years ago, the only time she was unfaithful,,, I'm sure of it. All 3 really really enjoyed it. A little awkward in the morning. Found out years later-- way before the wine, while I was taking pictures of the mountains, she let them take naked pictures of her.

  • Sounds like you had a lot of fun in the past, don't worry, everybody has a past You don't have to worry about the past, its over and done. What happened before you knew hubby does not matter. What he doesn't know wont hurt him.

  • Get him to tell you something he might not want you to know, then tell him your story, I'll bet it turns him on. I'll bet he wants you to swap with his friends.You have nothing to lose.

  • What is it about camping that turns people into sluts?

  • That’s hot. Love camping with friends like this.

  • Haha that’s great, myself and my friend Stefanie, swapped. But we didn’t tell our husbands that we had this planned out. It was more or less to see if they would cheat, we’ve cheated in the past. But we said if our hubbies goes through with it, a condom is a must. It was 2 months in the working, flirting, sexting, finally we both called out of work when we knew each other’s husband was gonna be home. I went over to Fred’s house (stefanies husband) and he wasted no time fucking me, his dick was small, and the condom kept coming off, so I let him fuck me raw, which was much better. We never discussed what happened, but we agreed for a few more times, then we (Stefanie) decided to end it, and find someone else to play with

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