Girlfriend lied

My girlfriend Donna told her mother that I had gotten her pregnant. This was towards the end of our relationship my senior year. We really hadn’t been seeing each other when I go to pick up some of my belongings at her house. Her mom is walking out the door along with Donna and she had a very pissed off look on her face. First words were I can’t you believe you weren’t using protection Daniel. Without letting me say anything she jumps in her car with Donna and they speed off. Here’s how things really went down but I was never able to tell her mom anything. Truth is I’ve always used protection and it’s not my fault your daughter was fucking other guys and even her Manager at her job. She didn’t have the sincerity to tell her mom that so to make herself look like she was a saint she just made it look like I was the one.
We hadn’t had sex in months to be honest.
I never got to explain anything to her mom as early that summer I moved away and came back home seldom. I never spoke to Donna again even though I saw her a few times. It was hard trusting anyone after that. It’s true what they say “nice guys never win” and bad never give a shit.

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