How I discovered someting about myself

I was young 21 and had just been discharged from the Navy and I stopped at the nearest used car lot in San Diego and I bought a 1994 Chevy convertible and the top didn't work but the price was right so I took off like a big assed bird up Interstate 99 headed for Yuba City.
I had passed Bakersfield several miles back and I passed a car beside the road that liked like it had broken down and within a mile I saw two guys hitch hiking so I stopped and asked if that was their car and they asked if I could give them a lift to the next town and Being young and a trusting country boy to boot I said sure hop in and we were once again on the road but when one of the guy brought out some dope and rolled a fag I said not in here and we started to argue and I finally pulled over and told them to get out but they got tough and wanted to steal my car and we began fighting and I wasn't doing very well but a CHP officer puled up behind us and the guys went after him but he had a friend with him with a shotgun so after a quick search they had several plastic bags of pills and all kinds of shit on them so since we were all together I was arrested to.
I kept telling them I had just picked them up but they were not listening so I got nasty with them calling them all sorts of names my car was impounded because I haven't insured it yet and we were all booked and fingerprinted.
I was still mad and it pissed the guards off when we were sent to the cell block nd cat calls were hey fresh meet guys hey Chuck put that blond guy in here with us and Chuck looked at me and said OK kid you smart mouthed us all you are going to Dave open up 11 and he will have all night to regret his smart mouth .
I couldn't believe they would do it but they pushed me in the door and as soon as they released me one guy grabbed me and said ok kid you are my fresh meat ripping my shirt off and then the other guys were helping him.
I started to fight back and I made a few good licks but then I knocked down and the guys had me bent over the toilet on my knees and I could hear the guards laughing One of the guys yelled hey Chuck get us some Vaseline but Chuck said you have soap and water that will work.
I was groggy but still struggling as the guys pulled my leg apart and I could hear water running and the guys were all laughing even the guards then a guy used his knees to kick my legs even farther apart and I felt the wet head of his cock at my asshole.
I redoubled my efforts to get free pleading with the guard to stop them but then the guy grabbed my hips and jammed himself into me and I screamed in pain and my whole body began to shake uncontrollably but that didn't even slow them down they were all laughing and choosing their place in line I knew that there were 5 guys in here but I couldn't believe they would all do me but they did and then they did it again my asshole felt like it was on fire as each guy had his turn my body hurt all over but after a couple hours they let me have a cot but after a short nap they woke me up and said if I promised not to fight they would let me get on my knees and I agreed because the toilet stank to high heaven but that turned out bad for me because then after a guy got his cock in my ass another guy would kneel in front of me and I tried to fight tat but I was punched again until I opened my mouth for his cock and again it went on fo a long time.
I slept again but was woken up again and again to either take it up the ass of suck the guy off it was terrible I was so glad the next afternoon when I was told that I could go that I left as soon as I could so many times I had been forced to swallow their cum because my ass hole was so sore I wasn't hungry and I just left in a hurry I never even thought about suing them because I was so embarrassed about having to tell people about it.

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  • If this is true, you were gang raped in a local jail with the guards fully aware and not doing anything about it.
    First off, get tested. There's a decent chance you were forcibly infected with a life-changing, incurable disease.
    Second, if this is true then you have a sex crimes lawyer's dream case. The jurisdiction that locked you up will be on the hook to you for many millions of dollars. Additionally, since they'd have a record of who was incarcerated with you, you'd have separate cases against each of your assailants. They deserve to be in prison, and you can make it happen.
    Third, how is this an LGBT confession? This is rape, not gay sex.

  • This actually happened during a "scared straight" program at a jail and the victim was only awarded $140,000, you would not get millions of dollars.

  • I do not get it, what did you discover about yourself?

  • Fiction

  • You knew that protein was on the menu from the outset. Be thankful you had something to eat.

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