First time with a man

I was at a club one night and I started to to this guy. We were bull shitting and he asked me if I like to do coke. I said yes and he said follow me to my house. I get really horny on coke. We started doing some and I felt that feeling coming on. He asked me if he could put some on my cock and suck it off. I said sure it felt so good. Then he took his pants off and was lying on the couch and spread his ass open and said but some on my asshole and lick it off. He had a nice ass so I did but I got so horny I slide my cock in his asshole. It felt so good and he loved it.

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  • Are you a proud homosexual ?

  • No it was a made up story like most of them are. Lol. I'm straight and love doing cock with a woman.

  • Charlie Sheen? Is that you?

  • No it Mike Pence

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