While Painting One day

It was a warm spring day with a gentle breeze blowing. I had just started painting my fence when I heard a soft voice say, "Hi mister! Do you need any help with the painting?" I turned around to see a pretty dressed young girl standing there. The wind came up and blew her dress up high enough for me to get a glimpse of her lovely legs and thighs before she grabbed it holding it down. She smiled as she noticed where I was looking. She stood 5' in her bare feet and weighed between 110 and 115. Her breasts were probably a size 34C.

"Well I don't know." I replied and continued. "I don't think you would want to paint in your pretty dress would you?"

Giggling she said, "Well nooo, But I could go home and change! I live nearby and can be back real soon. What do you think."

"Well," I said if your sure you want to and its okay for you to help."

"Oh I know it will be okay."

"Wait," I said. "When you come back bring your pretty dress with you and we"ll wash up and change and we can have supper together. I"ll order a pizza."

She smiled and nodded her head yes. and hurried home. She was gone for a half hour and we worked until 4:00 and then went in and washed up and changed. We sat in the Den to watch a movie and eat our pizza. While to movie was on, she found one of my porn magazines under the table in front of the sofa. She began to look at it before I noticed that she had it.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should have checked to make sure things were picked up before we came in."

"That's okay, I won't tell anyone that I saw it. I can keep a secret." she said giving me a big smile.

We ate the rest of the pizza and watched the rest of the movie in silence. The movie ended and we picked up the den and as I was leading her to the door she turned to me and said,

"I bet I know why you wanted to me to wear my dress this evening."

"Oh and why is that ?" I asked her.

"Because you like seeing girls wearing dresses and looking, well, you know,
Sexy? It's okay with me and tomorrow I bring an other dress to wear after work, okay?"

"Sure, I see tomorrow. Bye now."

The next day we started about 8:00 and worked again until 4:00 and again we washed and changed. this time she came out wearing light blue dress with a low cut front. It was as short as the other one. My cock twitched as I took her in. This time when we sat in the den, I sat closer to her so that my leg would touch hers from time to time. She returned the touch also. After eating and watching the movie, I showing her the the door when she turned a to look at me and said,

"Can I come over early tomorrow? I know we finished the painting but I made arrangements saying we still had work to do and they will be gone all weekend. So can I come over?"

"I don't see why not since you've made plans already." giving her a kiss on the cheek close to her lips, I said. "See you later>"

The night couldn't pass quick enough and morning finally came and I heard the door bell. She was dressed in a black frock and wore small heels.

"I think you better hurry and give me a kiss before you fall over." she told me.

I threw my arms around her and brought her soft tender lips to meet mine. My tongue touched her lips looking for an opening into her mouth. She sensed this and opened her mouth to receive my searching tongue. I took her straight to the bedroom and laid her down. She didn't resist at all bu welcomed everything I gave that morning. Now years later we get together from time to time.

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  • Yeah and then there are the guys who only wish they could have had an experience like i had. And they search for stories like mine to have a fantasy about them doing the same thing. Losers!!!

  • So hard to believe, your full of shit

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