Wife's a giver

I used to travel around the NYC area and NJ on business and would be gone for days at a time. I hated the being gone part but made good money. On my last work day I would leave NY or NJ by 8pm and it was usually a six hour drive back home. My wife would always be up waiting for me when I got home and it sure was nice to come home to her smiling face so we could talk about things. We would always have sex of some sort and it was always hot and sometimes last till daylight. One night however sticks in my mind and was one of the best ever. I had bought her a necklace and matching earrings from Macy's. I gave it to her when I got home and she went bonkers over it. She told me she had always wanted something from there but never thought it would ever happen, and the fact of it be matching jewelry to her was priceless. She asked me to help her with the necklace and she did the earrings. At night she keeps the lights mostly off with just a few candles lit and soft music, and the mood of the room is very relaxed. Well in that candle lit room that jewelry had a beautiful sheen and sparkle and it really complimented her features. Well she stood up from the couch, and took off what little clothes she had on and then modeled in a few different positions and asked how I liked her new jewelry. She was hot and it looked radiant on her and I told her so. She had to run to the bathroom and see what it looked like herself. When she came back in the room, she had a bottle of wine and one of my favorite cigars. She had actually gone out earlier and bought the cigs because I never kept any home, just at the office. That to me was huge. So, she tells me that since I went out of my way to buy her this jewelry and made her day she was going to dedicate this night to me and anything I wanted from her I was going to get. So I sat as far back into the couch seat as I could then asked her to sit down in front of me so I could stroke and caress her breasts. They are so awesome, quite large, soft and so squeezable. So I indulged myself with her boobs. I also love to nuzzle her neck at the hairline and so I'm kissing her neck and hair and the fragrance she was wearing was intoxicating and now I have this huge woody pressing against her butt. I ran my hands over her shoulders and down her back and her skin feels like velvet. I came back around her front for one more carress of those gorgeous boobs and then I ran my hands down into her groin and carressed the softness of her womanhood. Now she has soft silky black pubic hair that also deserved my attention. So after a few minutes of stroking her soft mound I asked her to stand up so i could give her the proper attention she deserved. She said no way, this is your night, not mine. I looked into her eyes and simply said to her that her body was part of my night and if she wanted to continue she could, I asked her to lie down on the couch so I could give her some delicious head, she resigned herself to this but also stated that she was no way done with me yet. And so I nuzzled my nose into her pubes and again thst intoxicating perfume was present. Now I indulged myself with her sweet wet pussy that I alway love licking. She has a sweetness to her and licking her labia and inner folds when they are dripping wet is the only place I ever want to be. She is exotic, and her taste is divine. I get my face down in all her wetness and then I can wear her scent all day. For her allowing me into this very private place speaks volumes of her trust, and I can spend hours pleasuring her this way. It's a privilege for me to lick her into an altered state of consciousness. Her body is a canvass that I can make a masterpiece. So after she climaxes about ten times and her breathing returns to normal, she sits up and tells me now it's her turn to give me what she had wanted to give me earlier, I sit back in the couch and asked her what was it that she had in mind. She said that since I stole time away from her and gave her such a good time and that I bought her that jewelry, that now she was having a hard time trying to top it. I told her that since she was here I am enjoying her being and she doesn't have to feel she needs to top anything. So looked at me in the eye and told me she wanted to try to suck my cock twice and make me cum twice, that would about do it, so I told her "have at it". She got down on her knees and started to give me the best blowjob ever. She went deep, she sucked me, she licked me she stroked me, and she bobbed her head up and down with such a skill that I knew she was using every thing she had and all her love was behind it, oh my could that woman suck a cock, nothing could ever come close to her talent and her fixation on giving good head, she said it honors me when she can do something to me that only she can give and has made it her marital dedication to please me this way. And she's not one to try to get me off in 5 minutes, oh no, if she can't hold me off for an hour then she says she's failed. So she's feels the same why I do about her, we enjoy each other's company and we take every opportunity to serve each other, sex is paramount in our relationship, so as she's working on me I light up the cigar and sip on the wine because it's going to be a long intense intimate evening that probably will last until daylight.

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