Gloryholes, love'em, or hate'em ?

Looking for other peoples opinion on Gloryhole's.
As for myself I can't get enough of them. I live in a large city, that has an adult theatre , three adult book / video stores, and they all have gloryhole booths. All of these places are within walking distance from my apartment, which make it really nice. However I've had to limit myself to going to only two days a week. Only because I was spending over half of my paycheck there by going every evening.
So now when I go there, I wear only shorts and a tee shirt. I'll get there about 5:00 pm. in the evening and stay till the close. As soon as I get in my booth I strip naked, place two fingers through the hole in the wall to let others know Im ready and willing, and wait for the first cock to come through. I will suck guys cocks and drink there cum until my jaws get sore from sucking. Then I'll turn around and put my ass to the hole and take as many cocks and cum up my ass as I can get.
When the place closes, and I head home a lot times I'll cut through the park at night. Which is nice because once again I'll take my clothes off and walk naked through the small wooded area, letting the cum run out of my ass and down my leggs. A lot of times gay and bi folks will hang out in the parking lot by the edge of the wooded area looking for a hookup. I've been spitroasted there a few times.
Well enough of my experiences . I want it hear other peoples thoughts and experiences about Gloryholes.

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  • I vist glory hole places every now and then. Just for change of pace, I get tired of fucking my wife, and want some dick and cum. Theres nothing wrong with it, it's a normal sex act.

  • The first experience I ever had with one was in an adult bookstore in a mini-movie booth. I saw the hole, and had a pretty good idea what it was for, but was too busy jerking off to Desiree Cousteau to care. When a shit-colored dick was pushed thru it, at first I thought it was a rat, then, I thought it was a turd. I left before I pulled out my pocket knife and committed an amputation.
    The second and last time was in a public restroom in a park. I was sick from using opioids I'd been prescribed for a surgical procedure. I was barely aware of somebody coming in, and a minute later, this huge tootsie roll comes through. I stagger out in disgust and this very fey queen takes the stall and goes to his knees. I could hear him sucking as I washed my hands. The city had a huge crack down a year later, the bookstores were closed and metal partitions placed between stalls. Hard times for indiscriminate cocksuckers.

  • Gloryholes are mostly a gay thing nowadays, so no, most normal people don't like them.

  • Well then there must be a lot of abnormal in this city. Because these places are normally packed. Men, women, young, and old.

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