I thought I lost my virginity to a toy ...

I started exploring my sexuality when I was about 11yo With little options (wasn't that imaginative), my kangaroo/bouncyball became my first makeshift sextoy.
I used to use it as a chair (like those fitness/balancing ball for offices) but on one day I was being adventurous and played around with the grips and decided to try insert one of them to my ladybits. It didn't go in too well so I got some liquid handsoap from bathroom and gave it a new try. Little adjusting and ringing doorbell later (which kinda startled me) and I found myself ball deep biting my tongue so the person behind the door wouldn't hear me. Soon after I cleaned everything up and didn't feel like trying it again (until some days later).
I felt super ashamed about it but didn't tell anyone and I always thought and was sure that I lost my virginity to a bouncyball until I was 17. I felt pretty stupid when I realised/found out that toys don't really count in that matter.
To be completely honest, I'm not super smart now either...

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  • Cant pop a cherry with a toy...

  • I know that now lol

  • My first was a cucumber, I was depressed when I saw my first penis, it was no where near the size of the it. I have never been satisfied by any mans penis and quite often rely on a dildo I nicknamed King Dong.

  • There’s gotta a cock out there to please you if not just makes me wonder how big you are down there

  • I have not had a lot of lovers as I married right after college but the six men I have been with sexually all had an average size penis and I have always enjoyed being FILLED and stretched sideways. When King Dong arrived my husband was blown away watching it disappear into me, I love letting him use it on me and I do it myself as well but it feels great just letting him do it. I also like being on my hands and knees and letting him hold it behind me pushing it in and out as fast as he can do it, he loves doing it this way as well telling me it is so hot watching my vagina grip it.

  • If a man offered you a dick that big, would you consider cheating?

  • Of course HE would...

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