A Walk in the Park

It was a beautiful spring day with a gentle wind blowing and we decided to go for an evening walk in the park nearby our home. It wasn't a real park but rather a game reserve, but locals called it a park. We walked along holding hands and some times pulling each other as we walked along. We both felt as if we were the only ones around. We giggled and laughed and would look at each other as lovers would.

We came to the spot where we liked to lay and watch the wild life. No one could see us or even knew about our secret spot. I spread the blanket and she started to sit down when the gentle breeze blew her skirt up to reveal her gorgeous legs. She saw me look and smiled at me patting the blanket next to her. Her white blouse revealed the tension the material had holding her size 34 C breasts. I sat down next to her and slipped my arm around her pulling her close to me.

She turned her head and our lips met, slightly at first and then with each peck, the lingered longer. Our mouths opened to receive our tongues. My hands were busy opening her blouse and releasing the bra to set free her beautiful luscious breasts. My mouth left her lips to suck on one of them. Her hands went to the back of my head and pulled my head into it. "Oh god yes!, she moaned ans she rubbed herself into me. I felt her hand working my belt loose and unbuttoning my pants. Her hand slipped in and grasping my cock, she began to milk it.

Pushing up from her I looked deep into her eyes and smiled as I moved her skirt up to her waist. She had left her panties off so then I spread her legs and settled my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I slowly entered her as she liked me to do. My sis and I have been having sex since I turned thirteen and she became a preteen. Now I am about to graduate high school and go off to college with her following me the next year. We plan to finish college and then live as husband and wife. We think it's better than getting married to some one else and then sneaking around to be with each other. We are in love with each other.

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  • I was hoping it was going to be his hot mom. That would have made me more horny.

  • Lets hope you don't begat any drooling, bent-headed progeny that the state will, eventually, have to take care of.

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