Unwrapped and concerned

I just started dating a new guy. I'm 20 and he's 23. We went out for a couple of weeks before we got naked together. We went back to his apartment and started making out, and we let the clothes come off for the first time. I'm thin, fit and pretty, but I have no boobs and I've always had concerns about how my vagina looks. I mean, it's a normal vagina, but my labia are long. I wish I had a peach-type porn star pussy, but I don't.

When my boyfriend first looked at my vagina, he ran his hand down there and commented on my longer lips. They fold over a bit. I asked him if he liked my privates, but he didn't say anything. I asked him again, and he said nothing. He still went down on me and we fucked and it was great, but it bothered me that he didn't compliment me on how I look down there. It's a major concern of mine and has been forever. I just want someone to like and really want all of me.

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  • The next time your boytoy doesn't answer you, tell him other guys think it looks great and love the way it tastes. Remember the look on his stupid face

  • Sounds like such a nice pussy, you need to think about getting your labia's pierced twice in both so you can put small padlocks through, that will get his attention and some comments.

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