He was telling dad everything

A few years ago a family friend would come over from time to time to pick up supplies for dad's business at the house. The building was not far from where I lay out and sun. He is a really neat guy, nice, handsome but much older. He is always nice and compliments me. I walked past him and dad a few times and heard him say what a fine ass or just damn. It was just odd, I found porn books of dad's in the building I change in, kind of a pool house.
I can usually hear when someone or the friend drives up so I have time to get top back on etc. Well, I just decided out of the blue one day I was just going to lay there. Horney I guess.
He drove up, I laid there, and I never heard him go in building or leave. I knew he was looking. It turned me on having this man looking I admit. So I played with my boobs then started fingering myself.
Then, "well hello". I never would have thought I wouldn't flinch, I just put my hands on my boobs and lay still.
That was the start of a 5 year as of now secret. Or so I thought.
He is in his late 40's. He was telling dad and others some of the things going on.
He took picture sometimes. I found some in dads truck.
I don't know what else he has said but it looks like a lot.
I love satisfying him and watching his eyes.

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