My wife takes care of my dirty needs

My wife is a down to earth woman. She is not into kinky, nasty sex. She prefers straight sex and loves to ride my cock, but she knows I have desires that border on insatiable when it comes to other dirty pleasures so she will take care of my needs when I ask, or when she feels I've done something especially deserving of some special attention from her. My favorite things are hand jobs and blowjobs, and I need them done in all sorts of different ways so we don't play games when it comes to this, she simply asks me how want it or just does what I tell her to do.

For hand jobs I like her to slowly finger stroke my balls more than anything. I start out telling her to do this, and she's done it enough now that I don't have to tell her how anymore. She knows I like a light, very slow touch, and to go all over, paying a lot of attention to the back of my sack, all around my crotch, even extending a finger into my ass crack for a few slow strokes. I have her do this until my precum begins to ooze from my cock head, and when that starts then I tell her to include an occasional slow finger stroke up my shaft to add to my pleasure. I do this to have her further tantalize me and really get that slop dribbling so it doesn't just run but hangs in long sticky strands from my dick. In the end, she doesn't mind my final cum load on her hands but she doesn't like precum's oily feeling so I haven't been able to get her to do much with it as it runs, but I'm working her up to it. Occasionally as it starts to flow I can get her to rub it around on my head with one finger. I suppose I'll never get to the point where I could actually talk her into cleaning it off with her fingers and tasting it, but we'll see. For now she knows I really like to be sensually tortured for long periods before finally cumming and she endulges me this way. I take as much as I can stand before I really start feeling the need to cum and then have her begin working on that. The closer I get to cumming, I have her alternate between ball strokes and cock strokes, sometimes keeping it slow and sometimes speeding up. One way I like to have her finish me is by palm rubbing just the tip of my cock with one hand and palm rubbing my balls with the other until I blast my huge, built up load. I like a messy finish! I also like to have her just jerk it to a finish while finger stroking my sack, and I always make sure she is sliding her hand completely up to my head as she strokes so when I cum she is sure to have her hand soaked in it.

For blowjobs I have her start with a hand job, but then take over using her tongue a lot like her fingers were just doing. I like to be licked. She's less willing to do as much here so it's still necessary for me to have her hand stroke my sack, but I can get her to lick my shaft and head just fine. Naturally, seeing her do this makes my precum leak and if she sees it she will avoid it, but she sometimes says she can taste it anyway, but yet she doesn't stop any of her dirty actions. She continues, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't like it a whole lot. She doesn't want to stay with tongue play as long as I'd like, but as for full cock in mouth contact she doesn't object even to deepthroat penetration so I use her mouth as often as I can. My cock is only about 5-6 inches long depending on how aroused I am so she has no problems. I'm just very average in length and girth, but she also has a small mouth so that makes it really good. Her lips are a very light pink color, on the thin side, and they're extremely soft from the use of chapstick everyday, and very elastic. She even still has her tonsils so I get a nice little head rub at the back of her mouth as I pass by them on the way into the top of her throat. She has a very pointy tongue, average length but more pointier than most, and it is very slim. She's able to do a lot of tongue movement so I really want to work on this. But since she doesn't mind my cock in her mouth then I don't push too much tongue action because I really need a blowjob often and I won't do anything to ruin what I have going. Sometimes I have her suck me, and sometimes I take over and just mouth fuck her. When I fuck her mouth, I have her lie down and I get on my knees over her face and have her rub my balls while I just pump away until I'm "there". This is usually about the last thing I do when this happens in one of these sessions. I'm just doing what's needed for relief. When I have her suck it I want to watch and have it last a while so I will have it done in different ways. Sometimes I want a slow head bob with her lips going down just deep enough to keep my head well on her tongue and between her cheeks so her lips are about half way down the shaft. I have her do this slow, and pause between bobs to swish her tongue across the underside a few times, or use her face muscles to lip massage it while it's half way in. I like to see her acting dirty and doing nasty things so I purposefully make this take longer and give myself a little cool down time every few minutes. Other times I want to see her acting like a dirty slut and do a full deepthroat plunge on me with her lips touching the base of my cock on every pass. I like to think of this as more like she's mouth fucking me. This generally starts really slow but gets up to about a slowed medium pace and I have her do this for as long as I can take it, which sometimes isn't all that long after all the teasing. Now, sadly, I don't get to full out cum in her mouth anymore. In the past I've been privileged to quite a few cum flooding, lip dripping slobs and left it hanging from her chin, but she's not into that anymore. More recently though, I have stopped giving her warning and pulling out early, and she hasn't objected, so I always get one good blast before she pulls off herself and finishes me with her hand until my cock has throbbed its last drop out. She sometimes can't resist a few more torturous, post cum strokes on a highly sensitive dick so I endure some of that to keep her doing what I like done.

Things I want to try:

BLOWJOBS - I want a new move, to have her pause mid mouth stroke to slightly open her mouth so her bottom lip breaks contact, keeping my cock head on her mouth roof, and then use her tongue tip to stroke my shaft a few times.

BLOWJOBS - I want her to get so she doesn't mind the texture of precum, especially when it's thick, because I want to watch her lick it. Be nasty with it. Get it on her face. I want it to hang in a slimy strand from my head while she waves her tongue in the air below my cock trying to catch it, and then catch it and get some in her mouth while the rest sticks to her chin and runs down her neck.

BLOWJOBS - I want to dump sloppy loads in her mouth and see it ooze back out around my cock still between her lips. I don't care if she swallows, I prefer her not to so I can see that sloppy mess all over her beautiful face. But I'm not into "facials". My cum MUST go in her mouth as she's sucking, or I'm fucking, and then after that if it ends up all over the outside then so much the better.

TONGUE JOB - I want to teach her to do tongue jobs, with all the normal hand job touches mixed with JUST tongue action too. Not her lips, not my cock in her mouth, not a blowjob. Just a slutty licking while having my balls finger stroked. I want her to alternate between long, slow, ice cream cone style licks, tongue flicks, and even sticking her tongue out as far as possible, mouth wide open, and using the meaty back part of her tongue under my head, right on my frenulum. Or just hold it out for me like that and sit still and just let me rub my cock on it until I get what I need. I've already had her do something like this with her palm. Just hold it open laying on the bed and let me rub my head in it until I cummed. Now I want her tongue!

TITTIE JACKING - She has nice C-D sized tits and I've straddled her and cummed between them before, but I want to sit upright on a chair and have her kneel between my legs and press those tits together around my cock and jack me until I cum while looking up and making eye contact. I want her to cup them in her hands softly, not hard, with a nipple between her fingers, and just rub them up and down on my cock to get me off.

PUSSY LICKING - I've done it before. She's not into it. I still feel the need. So I want to train her on command to strip and spread and let me lick until she's cummed. She has a way of not being into things until she is doing them, and this is no different. When I've done it before I have felt her hands on my head and heard her breathing deepen, even heard her moan and mutter things under her breath as I lick away, so I know she enjoys me being a South Mouth as much as I do her doing it back. She just needs to loosen up more. She usually doesn't let me finish before wanting to be fucked so we have a long way to go to ever nasty her up for wanting mouth induced orgasms. For now I will work on getting her on her back and taking a FULL FINISHED licking. Eventually I want to have her to the point where she'll bend over and grab her ankles and stand there while I bury my face and tongue lash her entire crack from end to end as her cum and my spit runs down her legs.

DIRTY TALK - She does a great job taking care of my nasty needs, but aside from my plans above to get even more from her, I also want her to talk to me as nasty as she's being when doing any of this. The best way for that to happen is to get her into it and feeling it. A solid pussy licking gets her feeling dirty and in the mood for more nasty. I'll build on that. First, her pussy, and then her mouth. Since it's not being used while mine is, she's free to feel the energy and say it outloud. I'll teach her to do it as she works on me too.

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  • My wife Jill gives the perfect blowjob and she loves doing it. She has 10 different techniques going on with that dirty little mouth of hers. Close my eyes and make believe 10 girls are taking turns -- she'll even pause so the next girl's turn. She mimics old girlfriends style. We were at a fancy hotel and we were both flirting with the pretty clerk Beth. She seemed real hot for me. Jill said she was going to ask her to give me a birthday blowjob. Turn off the lights and get in the bathtub at 11 when she gets off. She told me she asked and she was only too happy to do it. Just don't say a word, just suck his dick -- he'll think it's me. Little after 11 someone comes in and sucks my dick, it's so different I'm 90% sure it's Beth. When we leave I wink at Beth and she does that tongue and cheek BJ gesture. So it was her.

  • Sounds like a good wife. I'm in a similar situation in that I'm mostly into getting blowjobs for my kinky release. We have sex lots of ways but getting sucked is my favorite. I love giving facials, she does not like it but allows it on occasion. My goal is getting a blow/hand job while she describes past sexual encounters. I've asked and she got very mad, thinking I was demeaning her for being promiscuous in her youth. Not the case, and I don't want dirty talk like "oooh baby he was so big," and shit like that, just a detailed factual account of the experience. Maybe that's weird. Maybe I should make post to see what others think

  • Dude that was a friggin book! Have way too much time on your hands lol

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