Marital problems & mother in law

I'm 28, and separated from my wife who is 35. My mother in law is upset about this, has been calling a lot, which I've mostly ignored. My MIL is a lot older than me, 76, since she had my wife when she was in her 40's. She's been offering to counsel us (she was a therapist before she retired), hopes to get us back together, etc. She invited me over to her house for lunch to talk about the problems I've been having with her daughter.

I finally went over and it was nice to see my MIL. I hadn't seen her in months. I told her that I separated from her daughter because she's too bitchy, spends too much money, and doesn't have sex with me anymore. My MIL rolled her eyes and said that stuff is normal, that there is more to life than sex, and that kind of shit. We had a long heart to heart about how much I miss pussy and how I hadn't been laid in over a year. She said he wasn't going to let me use lack of sex as an excuse anymore and got up and led me from the kitchen into the living room.

She then said, "do you want to" and I said of course. She hiked up her sun dress and took off her granny panties. I'd never see that much of her before, and it was a turn on. Her legs had some cellulite, but actually looked good. Her pubic hair was white as snow.

I went down on her and she seemed to enjoy it, but when I put my cock in her, she said slow down, and that I was being too rough. We found a rhythm that worked for the both of us and she started rubbing her clit and even kissed me. It was lovely, and it wasn't long before I blew my nuts. We took a short break and did it again once I could get it up again. She was really tight for someone her age and felt great. The only thing that was too bad was that she only would fuck in the missionary position; she wouldn't do doggy with me.

I left feeling a lot better. I actually would consider getting back with her daughter if my MIL would keep giving up her pussy to me.


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  • M.i.l., 65, widow, a big woman, big tits, belly, ass was the solution for my marriage after my wife gave birth to our daughter and got a postnatal depression. In the beginning it was a bit strange but once used to it sex still is great.

  • My husband is having sex with his mom for over 6 months now. and no, I'm not jealous. it gets me wet, when he tells me about what they did

  • I want to do my mil too x

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