Love black women

I love black women. I love their big asses. I used to go out with one. They suck cock so good. I love licking their bubble butts then fucking their asshole

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  • Black girls often have some of the most hottest asses that are a real turn on,I love to see them out in public and have been caught staring at their beautiful asses in a way that they seem to know exactly what id love to do if given a opportunity,sometimes they give me a look of approval and smile,but often they have been quite vocal about their being offended by my ogling of their sweet booty as if I had it written on my face all the ways I would love to worship their mouth watering backside with my eager tongue.

  • You know that's racist, don't you? Presuming that all Black women have big butts, and that they all give good head is no different than saying that all Blacks love fried chicken and watermelon, and smell bad. Not saying that they all don't, but it's considered racist to say it.

  • It's all pink in the middle.

  • Amen to that—black women are incredible and the thought of being with one is an amazing turn-on.

  • It's great. Looking at your cock going in and out of her black ass. They have the nicest ass. When I was in my fifties I fucked I 19-year-old black stripper. Once she got on all fours and told me to lick her asshole. Then one time I was eating her and she squirted in my mouth. Once you go black you'll never go back. Lol

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