In need of a good spanking

I really wish my boyfriend was into things like BDSM. He is an amazing man and I intend on spending the rest of my life with him. I wouldn't say our sex is bad...but there are some things I wish he would do with me. I've tried getting him to spank me but he feels like he is hurting me and it turns him off. I keep telling him I'm not some delicate bitch and I like being roughed up. I wish he would be "Daddy" for me. Pull off his belt and spank my ass with it until my cheeks are bright red and tender. Then tell me what a good girl I've been for taking my punishment so well and then gently rubbing my butt to soothe the pain a bit. then fuck me. He wouldn't need to bother with lube, spanking makes me ridiculously wet.

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