I think I'm strange?

I love to go down on my pooch. He seems sexually attracted to me. He's just a mutt I picked up at the pound. I love to sleep in the nude and he gets under the covers and puts his nose right in my crotch and licks me. It felt so good. I have a boyfriend but he's kind of a lousy lover. I named my dog Benjamin after my father. I usually lay around in my bra and panties. He takes my panties and makes the crotch all wet from licking them.

The other night he was licking me and I noticed his doggie pecker was sticking out. So I decided I would use my hand to get him off. He started to hump my hand and the next thing I knew he came all over my hand and fingers. I decided I would give it a taste and it wasn't bad. Kind of salty though. Ever since then he seems too want me to do it at least once a day.

I'm thinking about maybe trying to use my mouth. I have been looking for help on line and I found several videos of women having sex with K9's. He's kind of short so I don't think he could reach me when I'm on all fours. I enjoy what he and I share. More so than my boyfriend. Oh well I guess I'm weird. I think dogs are woman's best friend not mans.


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  • I love getting doggie dick too. Keep enjoying your four legged friend. Much better than human males. Love the cum also.

  • I would love to watch you playing with him. To see you suck his cock and watch as each spray of cum runs over your face and neck and down your chest xx

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