Love in the Afternoon

It finally did happen, I met an older man by chance in an out of the way stroll. It was early after noon and after donning on my favorite Polka Dot blue dress with such things as goes under the dress, I went out for a drive thinking I'd stop at an adult store. I was passing through the river drive and kept noticing a walking path. So I decide to take a walk. There was a gentle breeze blowing and as I walked every now and then the breeze would blow my dress around.

Well to make a long story short, I met and man who was 63 years young and handsome. Okay to others he wasn't handsome but he is to me. I hardly noticed him when we passed but he turned around and followed me to a quite place on the path. It didn't take me long to invite him to my motel room. Needless to say we made love in the after noon and that night and the next morning. We plan to meet again very soon. And I must say he sure knows how to treat a male pussy.

After years of waiting I was finally fucked like as a woman. I just love it and it hurt at the very first but he was gentle. He has such a wonder slim cock and he knows how to use it. I loved how he bunched up my dress and laid his cock at the entrance of my pussy before getting it ready for exploring. I think I'm in love!!!!!!!

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  • I love how it feels when a man holds me close when I’m dressed. The clothes are stimulating, but it’s just exciting when a man holds me close. Having him playing with my false breast, feeling his dick start growing as it’s pressing against my ass.
    The pleasure of me going to my knees and lowering his pants, seeing his dick as it is finally released. Taking it in my hands, running my tongue around that helmet. Feeling it as I suck it into my mouth. Getting it nice and hard, then bending over and feeling the excitement as he starts pushing it inside of my ass.
    Feeling every bit of his desire as he thrusts inside of me and I push myself onto him, meeting him and trying to get him deeper inside of me. Finally feeling him hold me closer as I feel his dick shooting his cum deep inside of me.
    Now that is pleasure.

  • It is lovely isn't it, walking in high heels, stockings with suspenders lovely silky underwear with a beautiful lacy slip and a floaty flirty dress. I have a silk polka dot number in blue and white and it wafts about madly in a breeze, I have a real job keeping it under control.
    I am shagging a neighbour currently, he is in his late sixties, married and has a magnificent penis. When I first saw it I nearly fainted, I had such a rush. It started when I was in our communal lift in our block of flats one night, I had been out En-femme and he was returning from the pub, he recognised me but wasn't phased by how I looked, quite the opposite, he admired me and said how gorgeous I looked. I Know I blushed, I couldn't help it but I had an overwhelming desire to seduce him, so I gave a little twirl. The next thing was he took me in his arms and kissed me, we suddenly arrived at my floor level and I took his hand and led him to my flat.
    Once inside it was kissing, caressing, feeling each other silly sexy talk, then stumbling into the bedroom, I almost tore his clothes off, once he was naked I saw his massive penis jerking with his arousal, I took it in my hand, it was throbbing, he unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor, I felt his erection pushing against me, he was tweaking my nipples, kissing me and lifting my slip, his hand went into my silk french knickers pulling my own erection beside his, that was when I knew I was all his.
    We fell onto the bed, I lifted my legs and held them tightly around his hips pulling him into my "pussy", I screamed as that monster entered me but I was out of my mind with desire, he thrust harder, I gripped tighter responding to his rhythm, he was so hard, he seemed to grow inside me, Oh! Oh! Oh! I shouted, then his lips met mine and he ejaculated his "love juice" into me and that was a fantastic sensation, I swear I felt every spurt and that penis was a monster spunker.

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