Lockdown Fun

During lockdown as i knew no one would call round I dressed my husband up as a french maid, and let him do the house work. This went on for a few weeks on and off, untill today for some unknown reason without telling him I invited a friend round for afternoon tea! His face was a picture! to give him his due he served us both despite us laghing.

4 months ago

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    • My wife is in a card game club with 8 women. It's at our house 4x a year. I wait on them hand and foot. I roast a big top round. The love it. I'm pretty well built, no to shabby on the eyes and I have big fat penis. But what the girls love most about me, I strip for their entertainment at the end. I do it all the to Porn Star Dancing music. 2 of the ladies leave but other 6 love it. The music is house shaking loud. I'm in the middle of my act and and 2 cops show up. The door was wide open they just waked in when we didn't hear the bell. It was a lady and a guy. Everyone thought they were part of the act, including me. My wife ran up to me and said they are real cops. OOPS! I quickly got pants on. They were good sports and had a good laugh.

    • Your a total bitch that needs a good ass whipping....then a swift kick to the curb..

    • Good man you’ve got

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