Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I happened to be in my parents bedroom while my mom was unpacking my Dad's suitcase. I caught a glimpse of some dirty magazines. I pretended I didn't see them and left the room.
After they'd left, and my brother and sister were asleep, I ran to their bedroom and was quickly able to find the magazines. They weren't Playboy or other magazines with artfully posed models. These were cheap magazines with mostly black and white photos. But, inside were photos of women getting fucked and fucked in the ass and sucking cocks. Somehow it seemed dirtier because there were thick black marks, covering the eyes of the man and the women.
This was in the 70's and up until that point I'd heard vague stories about sex but wasn't really sure it existed - it all seemed a little too far fetched to be real. Then, suddenly, were actual pictures of women getting fucked in every imaginable position.
Then, after a couple months of this, after they went out for the evening, I went to their bedroom but there were no magazines. I looked everywhere but there was nothing. I kept looking and couldn't find anything.
Then, there in his bottom drawer, way in the back, under the clothes was a tin that held 8mm movies. VCR's were available then, but my family took lots of home movies and I'd been appointed projectionist for the family, so I knew how to run the projector.
I looked at the big round tin and it was different than what we normally had. I tried to look at the images holding the film up to the light, but everything was too small. So, I decided to take a look.
It started out with some chick walking through a farm. My Dad was in the cattle business and I figured it was just something from work. I almost turned it off when this chick walked up to a guy, they started making out, and he grabbed her tit! I knew this was something way different.
He immediately got her stripped, and before I knew it she was on her knees sucking his cock. I was shocked! She sucked him until he grabbed her head, held it firmly against his crotch and the camera zoomed in. She coughed and cum came out of her mouth and ran down her chin. She tried to get it back in her mouth but it was shooting all over her face!
I was beyond speechless. I watched that scene over and over. Then after viewing it about 20 times I realized there was more video left on the reel. So, instead of re-winding the film I let it run. The now naked chick walked through the farm and up to another guy who was just standing there, holding a lead-rope to a horse.
He was dressed and she was naked. They kissed a little then she started petting the horse. Before I realized what was happening, she'd bent down and was jacking the horses cock. To say I was shocked would be one of the biggest understatements in history!
Then, she started sucking on the horses cock while she jacked it. I couldn't believe my eyes! After a couple of minutes, the stallion shot a huge load of cum into the girls mouth. Of course she couldn't swallow it all and she wound up almost covered in cum! I watched that movie over and over that night.
I was forever changed. Here, just a couple months prior I wasn't even sure that sex was real, then I'd seen dirty magazines, then a video of a chick sucking a guy off and then, the same chick sucked off a stallion!That started a new trend.
I saw women with dogs and horses, and women getting gangbanged and my mind reeled! Then, one weekend the movies were gone. I'd been discovered. Nobody ever said a word to me, but they were gone. A metal "lock-box" appeared in my Dad's closet, but I couldn't get in. So, that was that. Sort of:
I'll kind of fast forward a little. It was a few months later and summer. We had a hang-out down by a gravel pit. Me and a few friends would meet down there almost every night and fish for catfish. One night my buddy Gary came down with his girlfriend and another chick named Nadeen. She was a few years older, she had big tits (the 13 year old girls I knew were still mostly flat chested) and wild crazy blonde hair that was down her back and just out of control.
Nadeen wasn't pretty. She had big blue eyes but she also had acne. IT wasn't terrible, but against her very fair skin it was very apparent. She also had a sort of big ass so all in all she wasn't all that attractive; except for her big tits!
A guy named Billy came down with my buddy and the girls. He was a creep. He'd dropped out of high-school and was just a looser all the way around. After a bit, my buddy Gary got up and took his girlfriend by the hand. They walked just outside the light from our campfire, laid down and started. making out. That left me, a couple of buddies, and Billy and Nadeen.
Billy was always telling stories about his escapades with other chicks. Except none of them lived near us and we thought it was all bullshit. Still, they were about sex and we were 13 and so we listened. Thant night Billy told a story about some chick that he'd made out with, got her shirt open, felt her up and then she stopped him and made him quit.
Billy finished his story by saying "don't you hate it when a chick lets you get that far and then won't put out?" We all nodded our heads yes, but we'd never done anything with a chick. Then, Nadeen spoke up and said "I'd do anything a man told me to do." I'd almost forgotten she was there. So, without really thinking I said "anything???"
She just looked at me and said "anything" - and she meant it. That shut us up. Then Billy walked over to her and said "well, take your top off and let us see those big tits of yours." She hesitated and just stared at Billy. He said "well, you said you'd do anything, so lets see what you got." We all stared at her in complete silence and disbelief.
Suddenly, Nadeen unbuttoned her top, pulled her shirt off and sat there in her bra. Billy was on a roll. He said "well, take off your bra too." She looked at him with an innocent look, then reached back, undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.
There was my first look at real, naked tits! I was mesmerized. Then Billy walked over, bent down and felt her tits with both hands. He looked up and made some wise-crack about how full they were. Next thing we knew, Billy had her sitting on the bench of an old pic-nic table that was down by the water.
Billy bent down to kiss her and they made out for a minute while we all watched. Then Billy stood up straight, looked over at us and with a creep smile on his face said "watch and learn boys."
Billy told her to suck on it. She hesitated, looked up at him, then around at the rest of us. It was a sight I'll never forget. Nadeen sitting there in the firelight, her big bare tits flickering in the light and skinny Billy standing there with his hard cock pointing at her face.
Billy said "well, you said you'd do anything, so..." Before he could finish Nadeen bent forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. Billy moaned loudly. Nadeen sucked his little dick all the way in her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it! Clearly, she'd done this before.
It only took a minute or so before Billy moaned really loud, grabbed Nadeen's head with both hands and pulled her head tight against his crotch. She sucked like that for a few seconds, then Billy jerked and his cock came out of her mouth. Just like in the video I'd seen, he started shooting all over her face and neck and tits while she tried to grab it.
While this was going on, my buddy Rick and I had gotten up and walked over to get a better look. Billy backed away, made some crack about her being a good cocksucker and walked away.
There was Nadeen sitting on the bench, cum on her face and in her wild hair and on her tits! Me and Rick just stared at her in disbelief. Then she reached out her hand, Rick grabbed it, and she pulled him close while she fumbled with his pants.
In no time, she had his pants open and was sucking his little cock that was kind of crooked and funny looking. I was overcome with lust. I stepped stepped closer and grabbed her tits. I got my first feel of a girls tit while she was bent over sucking another guys cock. Honestly, my first feel while she was sucking another guys cock!
Ricky didn't last long and he came in her mouth. She held tight to his ass and swallowed it all. It was crazy. Another guy, Jim stepped up, dropped his pants and pulled her head to his cock. She was sucking him like she was crazed and Jim started calling her a slut and telling her to suck it over and over. When he came he held her head tight to his groin and she swallowed like crazy.
Before I realized it she pulled me in front of her. I finally got my pants open and before I realized it she was sucking my cock. I don't think I lasted 30 seconds and she swallowed every drop of it! That was my first experience with sex. A LOT more things happened with Nadeen and me that summer. Maybe I'll tell the story in Part II.


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  • One night I decided to sleep next to my sister. When every one were asleep, I got up and sat near my sister 1 year younger to me about 8 and half year old. I first took my sleeping sisters hand and kept in on by erect small penis. Still she was asleep. Slowly I put my hands into her small panty and slightly reached to wedge of her small vagina. This movement made her awake and it took some time for her to acknowledge that her brother is touching her and her hand is on his erect penis. She though kid whispered is that your brother and I said yes. But she did not take her hand away or did not try to shoo away my hands from her pussy. Having no idea about sex, we just massaged each other and I fingered and she just felt my erect penis. After some time I retreated and she too went to sleep. We continued this for some days. But later due to change of our rooms and presence other family members, the act stopped and the night activity was forgotten. But as I grew older and my sister too grew to more maturity, I yearned for those enjoyable days and tried all my best to get cosy with my sister. But she ignored all my approaches and slowly all was forgotten.

  • I know our kids have got into our personal sex dvd's. Didn't say a word about it to them. Kids are always gonna snoop thru the parents bedroom

  • I got left with cleaning out my parents house after they had both passed and found a huge box of pictures and old 8mm film rolls, there were even some VHS tapes. I only watched a few of the films but I did look thru most of the pictures and needless to say my dad and mom were pretty kinky to say the least.

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