Toe Sucker

I have a younger brother Jared who is has always been a very strange person. It all started when he was around eleven years old. I walked in on him sitting on his lower bunkbed sucking on his own toes. He immediately jumped up like nothing was going on. When I said something about it he said I was mistaken and he was simply biting off a piece of broken toenail. I was like bullshit you had your whole toe in your mouthing and I heard the sucking sounds. Then I pointed out his wet slobbery foot from all the saliva. He still denied it. I said ok toe sucker whatever you say.

Then one day I looked out of our upstairs bedroom window and observed him sucking on a neighbor girls toes. I yelled down at him, " hey toe sucker is that yummy ?" Boy he jumped up and ran off and hid in the backyard with the girl chasing after him. Well the next thing you know the word was out. My little brother was a toe sucker. The thing is he didn't suck just on girls toes either. He would also suck on guys toes. That wasn't very good cause he was being made fun of all over the neighborhood.

My mother was beside herself and took him to a shrink. Both the shrink and our mom said it was just a faze and he would grow out of it. Shows you what they know. He still is doing it and that was 22 years ago. Although now he only sucks on men's toes. Yeah my little brother Jared is a fucking flamer. Toe sucking weiner eating little bitch.

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  • I like sucking toes so there. My wife loves it when I lick and suck on her toes. It's very arousing when I do that with her. Everyone should give it a try. I do it after we get a bath together and I wash her feet for her and get in between her toes. It's so fucking hot.

  • I wish you fucking twelve year olds would stay off mommie and daddy's computer !

  • Eat me pecker head!

  • Hey butch why don't you go suck on some nice harry ugly fucking toes full of cheese for Father's Day. Then play with your dildo you bought with your wife's credit card. Yeah I'm talking to you Mr. I bet your on some porn site right now wanking to videos of your favorite perversion because your wife doesn't want your tiny pathetic cock anymore after she got Leroy's monster dick.

  • What, you never heard of a foot fetish? It isn't even uncommon. Be nice to your fucking brother.

  • Maybe if he sucks the cheese out from between my fucking toes. MF'r !

  • Giving your brother hoof and mouth disease is not being nice to him.

  • Women love getting their toes sucked

  • Yeah but he only sucks guys toes now. Don't you read so good. I bet you'd suck camel toes?

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