Bad swap

For 6 years now my husband has suggested that we try swinging, and for the longest time I thought it would be a disaster, and it's now been confirmed.

I finally said yes, I'll try it, and he went and found a couple into it from social media. I'm 30, my husband is 35, and the couple he found were in their early 20s. They weren't married, but boyfriend and girlfriend, and they said they had experience swinging, whereas we didn't. We met at a bar, and they were nice, but the vibe was a little odd, because we knew we might be fucking later, as that's the reason for the meetup. I didn't feel comfortable having strangers in our house, so we rented a hotel room. They split the cost.

We got to the hotel and it was a little odd. I thought the other guy was attractive, maybe a 7 on a 10 scale, but he wasn't really that bright mentally. It took some work to get into the vibe. I'm no hottie, probably a "6" in terms of looks, pretty plain and a bit heavy. I have tits and plenty of ass. My husband is quite attractive, probably an "8" by anyone's standards. The guy's girlfriend was a very attractive blonde, I'd say a "9." She had really small tits, almost flat chested, but her face was beautiful, as was her bubble ass and hourglass figure. I could feel my husband lusting for her all night.

Well, we undressed and I started making out with the other guy, and he was average at best. Seriously, my husband is so much better. So were guys that I dated before him. I was polite and really tried to enjoy him, but it was really bad.

Meanwhile I'm watching my husband fuck his girl. They were going at it like it was a sport, and it bothered me that she was so turned on. Her nipples were totally erect, her body flushed when she came, and her mouth was filthy. She fucked the hell out of my husband, and I couldn't really deal with it. The worst part of it was seeing how much my husband enjoyed it, as he came in her pussy 3 times in an hour. He has never had that kind of energy since we started dating and then married a decade ago.

On the way home my husband was talking about how great it was and how we need to meet up with them again, but I said it was the worst sex I've ever had in my life and we're not doing that again. I'm done with this. The big problem now is that my husband is addicted to this whole idea of swinging.


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  • My first wife and I often indulged in pleasures of the flesh, swapping, 3-somes, orgies, swinger parties, you name it we tried it. One thing we always kept as a rule was, if one of us didn't care for the sex, then we didn't fuck that person or persons again.

  • Clearly hubby is going to want to do this again. You have to decide if you are into it or not. I suspect if you say no, he will be doing it behind your back. Your options are limited , you can divorce, you can go along for the ride or you can find a lover of your own and cheat on him. Good luck.

  • Your husband will change his tune when you find someone you really like, someone with a big dick, someone who knows how to fuck a woman. Someone who is ten years younger than he is and can fuck you for hours. He will be crying in the corner of the room with a limp dick in his hand.

  • Yes it doesn't always go the way you think it will.Me and my husband were in our forties when we tried swinging.The couple were also well under thirty.The girl was cute and sexy and my husband tried to be dominant and blew his load in 20 minutes.While I just laid there and enjoyed orgasms from this energetic young man.His girl eventually joined us and I did something crazy,while on top riding him she knelt over his face and me and her made out like hot little lovers.We took turns on his dick and my husband got hard again but only as I sucked him while I was being pounded in doggy.I had yet another orgasm and insisted that he put his load in me.All in all a great night.

  • Sex sucked for you because you wanted it to suck. You were more worried about what your husband was doing with the other girl than paying attention to what you were doing. It wasn't the other guy who sucked, it was you. I agree with your husband, you two should do it again, only this time you pay attention to the guy you are with instead of what your husband is doing.

  • Next time, you pick the guy. You want him handsome, hung and with the stamina of Atlas himself. Then see how eager your hubby is with this...

  • Many problems here. You had a bad attitude going into it ("disaster"), and then you did it anyway. Even swingers have bad sex with people they meet. It's not like you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life. Sometimes it sucks, or isn't as good as your partner. You also seem to have jealousy issues because your husband had a good time. Roll the fuck away from this shit and look at yourself.

  • Start afresh searching for the ideal pair to swing with
    If your husband wants to continue fucking the girl just let it be

  • Once the lid is off the cookie jar....

  • You make too many comparisons. For all the guys know, maybe you were not such a hot screw either.

  • Get rid of the loser guy and have a threesome with your husband and the girl.
    Then when she is comfortable with the two of you find a much better guy and make it a foursome. Kind of mean to the original guy but when there is no chemistry.....just too bad.

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