I'm a self proclaimed wussy boy

I was raised by my grandmother who was very strict Catholic. She made me go to mass with her and church all the time. But I knew I was different than other boys. I found myself thinking about other males and found myself wanting to do things I knew grandma would not like. Today I am grown up and living and working in a quiet little town. I love to be with other men and suck their cocks and feel them slide it inside of my asshole. I never told her what I did but I know she must have wondered about why when other boys dated girls and went out to the movies and dances I stayed at home in my room. I was masturbating thinking about guys I went to school with or I saw in my daily travels. I wish I had been molested by a priest but I wasn't. They seemed to not desire me. It made me very sad. I just kept stroking my penis under the covers when my grandma went to bed and I enjoyed tasting my own seamen. I thought of joining the armed services after graduation but I'm such a big wussy I new I would never be able to complete basic training. I went to community college and I earned a bachelors degree in business and now manage a small coffee and sandwich shop in the small town I live in. I love looking at all the different men's ass's as they leave the shop. I would travel to the nearest large city and go to the local gay club to find some fun. I love getting used in the ass and my mouth. Sperm taste so wonderful as it goes down. I love licking my lovers asshole too. I hope my post helps someone to come out and just be themselves. Danny G.


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  • Sounds like your grandmother let you down. She should have given you some of her sweet old pussy and taught you the pleasures that only a woman can give to a man. You would have grown up normal and not have the problems you face today. It's never too late to repent your homosexual sins and turn back into the light of the Lord.

  • I wish I have lived near your granny. I would've befriended you, and urged you to come outside and play with me. I would've shown you my fort in a nearby woods. Being a wussy, you wouldn't have been impressed, so, I would've had to strip you nude. You wouldn't have fought back, but, it would be better for me if you did. Nothing makes my dick harder than sissy boys struggling. I love the way their boy pussies tighten up as they resist my steel rod cock. I would've fucked you for hours, and shot my load on your tear-stained face. After I had used you up, I would've dragged you back to granny's and taken her on the dining room table while you wrung your hands and cried. Life can be soooo cruel , hahaha !

  • Sounds like you know how to have lots of fun. I would have loved exploring the woods with you. Your not so tuff. I think there is some sissy in your words for all to hear. Yeah give me that steel rod lover let me have it. Fill I ass full of your seed to run out later. Oh yeah I'm not afraid of you. Bring it on!
    Danny G.
    P.S. Lets see if you have what it takes?

  • Nope, your abject willingness bores me.

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