Have you ever?

Have you ever masturbated somewhere you could’ve been caught? Did you find it exciting? Was it a bigger turn on doing it where you could have been seen?

Aug 7
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    • I have been jerking off in parking lots and such for years. It started with a girlfriend that loved to get me off in the car. Soon I found myself sitting in parking lots watching the women going in and out of the mall. I would think what I would do with them. While sitting there jerking off. As time went on I would strip done naked in the car not even worried about getting caught, actually thinking it would be hot to get caught.

    • Mmmnn yes. I'm a male that loves wearing panties and I love sliding them to the side and stroking my smooth shaven cock and balls until I cum all over myself. I'm in Kansas. Where are you?

    • I’ve been caught several times I find it thrilling.
      1st time was by accident, I was a horny teenagers and always hard. I got into the habit of masturbating in public places. I first got caught in a men’s bathroom at a mail. I through I was alone in there and I was jacking off in one of the stalls, really enjoying myself when suddenly I noticed a guy was looking over from the next stall. He just smiled and said he wanted to watch me cum. I got such a thrill that I let him.
      2nd time was in a forest. I was a bit older by now and I used to live being naked outside. The was a big secluded forest with a lot of trails by where I used to live at the time and a few times a week I would head there, get naked and masturbate. One day I was butt naked stroking my cock in a very secluded area, eyes closed really enjoying myself when I heard some one shout, what the fuck are you doing you little pervert. Right in front of me stood a couple probably in the early 50s. The husband gave me a lecture calling me names, before they told me finish myself off. They both laughed and called me names as I masturbated for them. I came so hard

    • My best ever was in an open office with mostly young girls/women. Not openly, obviously, but under my desk. I had been rubbing myself over my trousers for sometime and was ready for the next step. I went to the toilets and took my underpants off and shoved them in my pocket before going back to my desk. After some 'warm-up' rubbing, I carefully pulled my zip down and my cock sprang straight up. Careful to keep my shoulders still, I started wanking as I looked around the office imagining what it would be like to be able to walk across and cum on one the girls' desks. I stopped before cumming, but had to wait for a while until I softened off and could get my zip back up again.

    • I have jacked off driving hoping someone will see me!!!! But I drive a f-250 so I'm a lil higher than everyone else I have even jacked off on walking trails just off the trail hoping people can see me no one has helped but I think I have been seen once or twice

    • Mmmnnn cum to Kansas. I'm always down to play

    • If its big enough I will be in Kansas. Anywhere in particular?

    • Look me up on showoff. Org.
      Message me on there

    • A few weeks ago I was wearing a large butt plug and cock ring while stroking my cock on the nude beach, a couple people noticed and casually watched

    • What nude beach do you go to...I'd like to see that. Perhaps help you put it in and/or pull it out. How big is it?

    • I hope you gave them a good show!?😈🔥

    • Too hot!

    • I stroke my cock driving down the road fairly often sometimes completely naked. Have been seen several times by cars and trucks passing by. Sometimes I'll do it at some cruisey parks and have had people join in with me.

    • I'm still waiting for that day to happen but I also like wanking in public

    • Me too. I'm in Kansas

    • Well I thought I wouldn't get caught in my home gym. I have a decline bench, I'd get on it, roll ny legs back and shoot my cum in my mouth. I was doing this one morning and thought I was alone. My son's girlfriend had forgot something and returned to the house. Hearing me I. The gym she popped in to say hi. I was about to cum ehen she cane in. Scared the hit out if me. I quickly stopped and jumped up. She said, don't let me stop you, go on I wanna see this. So what the hell I git back into position and vegan stroking again. She giggled at me and asked how long I've been doing this. I responded since I was a kid! She walked over and moved my hand and took over! She jacked me until I came all over my face and in my mouth. This was the beginning of some really interesting mornings this point on. I worked out daily but if alone with her she'd make me do some really challenging things. One morning she came down and was full of cum. I resisted as it was from my son. (They lived with us). She reminded me that if I didn't want any of this to be found out I'd better get to eating. Cum mixed with her sweet pussy was delicious. This was the beginning of many creampies from her. She even cheated and brought me those pies to eat. I wish they were still together! She was working on a masters program and left for another university. I'll never forget her!

    • Yes I enjoy wearing a thong and thigh highs and driving to a park that I go to in Topeka. I love pulling out my smooth cock and stroking it slowly while watching trans porn. Ive had some guys watch and some reach in and finish me off. So exciting!

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