Gave in a little

I'm a 38yo female, divorced, kind of have a boyfriend. My bf has issues, and I'm just never going to marry him. He's basically too much of a momma's boy and I'm looking for someone better. I live alone, though sometimes my bf stays over.

A guy I work with is one of my friends Dustin. He's 24, married, but he's fun to be around. We meet up for coffee and sometimes have little outings. It's been this way for over 2 years. His wife sometimes comes along, but I can tell she doesn't like me, so often it's just me and Dustin. He likes having a break from his wife anyway, as their marriage is a bit rocky.

Dustin has expressed to me that he wants to be more than friends. Tbh, if he wasn't married, he'd be a contender. He's smart, good looking, and mature for his age. He's got sex appeal that drips off of him. I can sense it. I've told him I'm not into being a mistress, but he still writes me letters, poems, gives me cards.

I finally gave in a little, and it's changed the dynamic a bit. He came over to my apartment to pick me up, and we hung out and chatted. He expressed his feelings for me yet again for the millionth time, and I caved and we kissed a little and then did a 69 to get each other off. I said I wasn't into fucking him because he's married. I had never seen his cock before, and he was lovely. Good kisser too.

He's now head over heels for me, and I don't know what to do. I'm not going to do anything sexual with him again, and just want to continue being friends. I'm trying not to be rude, but he needs to back off a bit with the pursuing me as a gf. I'm not. I'm a friend. What we did was more of a friendly thank you, not an invitation for more. I've been dumped before, and I'm not going to be responsible for him doing that to his wife. He needs to deal with her on his own. If he ever takes care of his issues and divorces, yeah, I'd like to fuck him. A lot.

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  • Stop egging him on and playing with his mind. the guy sounds confused, and what do you do? Give him sex. Without a doubt he has real feelings for you, however misplaced they are. Keep your skirt on until he gets his shit figured out.

  • What you did with the 69ing WAS interpreted as an invitation by him. It would be by most guys. That most certainly lit a fuse in him.

  • I'm sure his wife and your b/f would understand your innocent little 69, and would let you two continue meeting, and just being " friends " with cum-splattered faces. It's all good ! He, and your mama's boy, need to drop you like a used condom, you home-wrecking whore !

  • Just fuck him...

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