Dressing up for the rest area.

I’ve decided that this weekend I am going to put on a pretty pair of panties, my stockings and garter belt. I’ll bring my bra and false breast, with my heels and a wig. Either carry a short dress, or a mini skirt and blouse, and go hunting for hard dicks . I want to see them, up close and personal. I want to touch them, and hold them. I want to feel them getting hard in my hand, or in my mouth.
I want to feel the excitement of having some guy that knows that I’m a man, letting me please his hard dick. I want to feel the excitement of wrapping my lips around the head of it. I want to enjoy the feeling of trying to take it completely in my mouth. Taking it deeper and deeper into my throat until my nose is pressed hard into his crotch.
I want to taste his pre cum as I suck on him. I want to feel his dick get thicker as he gets closer to coming. I want to feel his first stream of cum shoot straight down my throat, then I want to milk every drop of cum from his balls. I want him to give me so much cum that it’s hard for me to swallow it all.
I want to lick and suck his dick until it gets completely soft again.
Then I want to find another one.

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  • You're going to too much trouble. Men who go to rest areas to get sucked-off don't care if you're Jabba the Hut wearing burlap bloomers, they just want their dicks in somebody's mouth.

  • That’s all fine and dandy.
    I’m glad that they don’t really care what I’m wearing. I’m glad that they don’t care that I’m a guy dressed up as a woman.
    I’m glad that will put their dicks in my mouth and ass. I’m glad that they let me act out my desire to act feminine and that they reward me with loads of hot sticky cum.

  • Wow that's so sexy sod damn sexy. Go gurrl!!

  • Thank you for your support.

  • You sound lovely x

  • Thank you x

  • Yes, you do sound lovely and very horny in your lingerie. But be very careful as there are some beasts out in the parking lots.

    Signed: Lingerie Lover.

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