I would not advise anybody to try this . Me and my wife had been married for 16yrs , in all that time my wife would always say to me that she had never ever cheated on me and never would , I had no reason to think any different so I would believe what she said . I used to work away sometimes one such time I was working with a guy that I had just met on site , Phil was his name he was staying in the same hotel has me so we would talk a lot to pass the time . The conversation came up about working away from home and how you had to trust your spouses , So I repeated what my wife had said to me , Phil said his wife had Said more or less the same thing to him once , But he said she had cheated on him he said they all cheat if they think they can get away with it and you won't find out they will cheat , I said I dont think my wife would cheat ,Phil said set her up with a opportunity she would cheat I promise you , At first we would talk about how to set somebody up , Then I started to think I would like to set her up to see if she was has honest has she said , I had no doubt she was honest but it would be fun , We devised a plan to test my wife , Phil was going to be the stooge I thought Phil his a nice guy but he his not all that fanciable , so I knew there was no chance my wife would be interested , It took time and planning but we set things up , My wife and myself on occasions would meet up and have a date night just to keep things interesting so it was easy really ,
Now my wife would dress quite sexy I was due to meet her at 9pm , At 9.30pm I rang my wife and said I would be an hour late she was not happy in fact I was watching her with Phil , Phil said your wife looks hot , I told Phil to try and get her up to dance then grope her see what she does , So it took a while a few drinks later he was dancing with my wife I noticed her checking her watch , I thought I'll text her and say I can't make it got a problem sorry meet you at home in couple hours ,She looked a bit annoyed but she eventually went back to dancing with Phil , Now Phil started touching my wife's ass she pushed his hand away but Phil continued I could not believe it she left it there , He tried to kiss her but she was not having any of it I was happy but then she gave in he was kissing my wife and she was not struggling , I had seen enough then they walked outside in the garden and sat in the harbour , They was kissing he had his hand up her skirt not only did she not stop him she opened her legs wider , Phil stood up in front my wife and my wife got his cock out and started sucking it , I'd seen enough I rang my wife she cancelled my call so I called Phil he done the same , I could not walk out and stop it my wife would have got suspicious , Then Phil pushed my wife on to her back and pulled her knickers down with her help , Phil pushed his cock in my wife and banged the ass off her he shot his load I could not believe it , I rushed home then I got a text from phil ,It said I told you they all cheat , But that's what you wanted wasn't it ,know clean up time .

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  • I wouldn't say they all cheat.But its surprising the ones who do that you'd have never thought would've in the first place.Like my "goody two shoes" innocent looking ex fiancee who wanted to get married in a church.

  • Yes!! All of the girls I dated were pretty good at telling me the truth. But, my ex who I'd knew her for years, so when we got together, she would say, I would never do you like that.....O.K....i expected she had cheated on me before, but never knew for sure. Until one day, her twin sister got mad at her, and told me that she was with 4 people that she had told her about. So, I asked a few guys that I used to play football with... would they be willing to do a favor? I was so bitter towards her for cheating, that I brought them back to the house with me.... 3 big, thick dick black guys, and when we walked in, she was in the kitchen.... so she asked what I was about to do? I said, I am about to watch you get fucked into Oblivion!! I said... since you like to cheat, and act like a little whore, I brought you a present for betraying me. They put her pussy through the ringer?



  • I would advise everyone to try this.

    All is fair in love and war.


  • You must have wanted it or you would have stopped it before they fucked.

  • They all do cheat, I told mine I was going away for my annual 2 week training with the reserves. Packed up and left, I gave her 3 months advance notice. I borrowed a friends car and sat a few houses away, watching the cameras I installed inside the house. Sure enough, she had already made arrangements for my in-laws to watch the kids. And later that night a co-worker came to the house and screwed her brains out, and stayed 2 whole days in my house. My blood was pumping. Then I followed her to another guys house, she stayed a few hours, I tried calling, no answer, when she finally left, she said she was busy with the kids, and I can hear the kids crying in the background, meanwhile I was watching her in her car with no kids, I'm assuming she had her mother on 3-way calling. Making my story short. I got the bitch on video with 3 other men, in my house, sometimes while the kids were sleeping too. Divorced, she has the kids, I pay no alimony, no child support, see the kids when I want, and made her tell her family she's a slut and can't stop

  • B.s.

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