Forbidden Fruit Relationship

The sound system in the church was having trouble so I was asked to check it out and to fix whatever was wrong. So Tuesday was the only time I could look into it. I went to the church early Tuesday morning and began working on the system. I thought that I was the only one there but then I heard some noise coming from the Kitchen and went to investigate. I found the pastor's wife on her knees looking for a certain pan. We exchanged pleasantries and as I was looking down at her, I noticed that her blouse was laying open enough to get a glimpse of he small pointed breasts. I felt my cock twitch at seeing them.

The pastor's wife is a petite women with a body that I thought was just so sexy. Of late she had been flirting with me whenever we were alone. At times she would rub her breasts against my arm and act as if it was not intentional. Sometimes she would just get as close as she could to me. Her fragrance was so inviting that at times I just wanted to grab her and kiss her.

That morning as I was looking at her she said without getting up, "Well what do you think?" And I replied, "Well they sure are." and walked away to another room to fix a broken wire. She came in and leaned against the door jamb and said, " What did you mean and to what were you referring to when you said, 'Well they sure are." She had one leg up on the door jamb, her skirt revealing some leg and thigh.

Walking over to her I said, "I was referring to your beautiful breasts and I meant that I would love to see more of them." Then I slowly leaned in and kissed her lips. She threw her arms around me and pulled me into her. I ran my hands down her thighs as she breathlessly said, "Not here, let's go someplace where no one will see us." That was the start of our relationship in the field of forbidden fruit. I was giving her what her husband couldn't or wouldn't. Just trying to help out!!

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  • This story sounds so very true because we have a pastor whose wife is in her late 30's and is very good looking. She likes to wear skin tight clothing and many times shows a lot of leg. Have to wonder if she would be willing to give up some of her nectar.

  • At least this story sounds, somewhat, realistic.

  • "Well they sure are" . A flakey as fuck non-answer from a yellow weasel. To have fucked something like you, she must've just been too lazy to jill off.

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